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Another Opening, Another Show

I have two nights of the Artists Among Us  show and sale behind me. When I left last night, I had not sold anything, but neither had 95% of those in the show. The major sales were the jewelry crafts  people. There was some gorgeous jewelry. I bought this fused glass red head. The face is really lime green which is not showing up well in this photo.


Here is a view of the show as you enter the hall:


It was very nicely set up with panels and bins for unframed work.

Here is my panel and my bin to the right.


Here is other textile work:



When I left last night, this artist had sold the quilt in the upper right for $35. Mine were priced at 4 or 5 times that, but had a lot more work to produce them.

These weavings were funny:


The upper left has corks and the hanger says, I’ve popped my cork. The  one on the right has hinges and says, I’ve come unhinged. The bottom one has bottle caps and says, I’ve flipped my lid.

Several people seemed interested in my work. The aspen piece was a favorite. Someone was taking photos of each one! Wonder if she has a blog!!

I  have been getting other work done, too. Look! The commercial fabrics have been sorted, culled and are now stored by color:


Here are my batiks all sorted:


And I have been working on the fish quilt. The fish have eyes and some plant life has sprouted at the bottom of the quilt:


I see that one jelly fish body is missing from the upper left corner.

There is an Episcopal Church up the street from us with a banner that says there is a quilt show today so I am going to run up there and see what that is all about. Then I am working at the AAU show this afternoon.

5 Responses to “Another Opening, Another Show”

  1. Cindra says:

    I used to do a lot of shows and had people always stop and look and say wonderful things about how beautiful everything was and eye catching… I sold a few things for less than I should have. I even had a woman examine a pillow I had created out of fabric and ribbons. Next show she told me how she had gone home and re-created it (camera shots) and how she wished she had just bought mine because it was so much work. How frustrating. Smile and nod………

  2. Judy says:

    The fish are coming along great Gerrie…of course I’m partial to the pink & black polka dotted gal in the middle!
    Good luck with your sales!

  3. Frances says:

    glad to see you have an online sale, sorry for the no sale though,
    I have tried a few of these in the past and found some people just come for a look round with no intention of buying, it is difficult when people under value their work too or perhaps the lady with the lower price/less work did it to reach people with less in their pocket, I do it with my tourist work which is why I call it craft work and keep it separate from my art work,

  4. DebR says:

    The show looks great! And I really like the glass red head. Is that a pin, bead, button…?

  5. dee says:

    Hi Gerrie, May I be so bold as to ask what the price of the Japanese Kimono piece in the upper right hand corner of #3 pic is? I fell in love with it when you showed it last week and didn’t realize it was for sale(duh). Anyway if it hasn’t sold yet and I have enough i my piggy bank could I buy it? Really loving it a lot, Dee