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These Boots are Made for Hiking


And that is just what they did today. We did a 5 1/2 mile hike, climbing up above Multnomah Falls in the Columbia. Gorge. Here are some views of the Falls from ground level. Click to see larger view.


Multnomahfalls2       Lowerfalls_1


Our first destination was to the top of the falls. First, we had lunch by the bucolic Multnomah River:


Lunch was BBQ chicken, Citrus Jicama salad and Cucumber salad ?Ǩ yumm!


Here is a view from the top of the falls:


Here is a view of the Columbia River:


Then it is onward and upward. Here are some shots from the hike:


Fordingstream    Morefalls

The first photo is Fairy Falls – just a gorgeous spot. Second is spot where I had to ford the stream and as my kids will attest, I hate to cross moving water!! The last is another shot of one of the many beautiful falls we saw today.

Wildflower1   Wildflower2   Futureraspberries

Some of the wildflowers we saw. The last photo is of future raspberries or maybe Salmon Berries.

This was not an easy hike and tonight, I am feeling pretty proud of myself. There were times on the hike up that I just wanted to quit and be instantly transported home!!

Now, this is what I need:


I’m sleeping well tonight!

6 Responses to “These Boots are Made for Hiking”

  1. Judy says:

    What a hike!!! I am so proud of you….and great pics too!

  2. Hey Gerrie! Glad to see you are getting out and about, and settling in (envy envy envy about the wonderful light and full-height walls in your studio!)….

    A few years ago someone did a spectacular quilt of Multnomah Falls that was in the APNQ (Assn. of Pacific NW Quilters) show in Seattle…wish I remembered whom and how to find it on the web. Oh well….

    Have fun!, Sarah

  3. Liz Berg says:

    This is such a beautiful falls. I remember seeing it a number of years ago but sure didn’t climb to the top! Congratulations on a job well done!

  4. DebR says:

    Gorgeous photos, Gerrie! I love waterfalls.

  5. Terry Grant says:

    Wow, I’m impressed. That is a tough hike.

  6. Acey says:

    Gerrie, I think it’s awesome that you spent time with everybody’s mother (earth) plus agree it is beyond cool that you give your daughter room to be queen of her own Day. My friends and I discussed this all last week – how it’s the most recent moms who should be the most feted and get the lion’s share of pandering.

    Plus just think what a gift yesterday would have been to you in the years when you were an active mom to three young children! You might not have even believed it was possible …