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Time Management

I am feeling a great deal of empathy for women who have school age children and attempt to have some creative time for themselves. This morning, I fed everyone breakfast, supervised getting dressed for school, packed the lunches and started out the door – wait a minute – Grandma needs her coffee. It was about 9 when we returned so I caught up on the computer, sending SDA bulk mailings, reading blogs, etc. Worked in the studio for about an hour, took a walk with Mr C and Maggie, ate lunch, did some SDA website work, spent some more time in the studio. Then, off to school for pick up, went to Steph’s to feed the cat, back to our house, snack and talking time with the M & M, half hour in the studio, made dinner, helped with homework, supervised bedtime. Whew. I worked in the studio for another 2 hours tonight.

All that said, having M & M here is really a treat. They are so much fun and so inquisitive. There is never a dull moment. We just looked at Mia’s math homework. She had to make up her own story problem and give the answer. I have 3 bags of Obama buttons. There are 9 buttons in each bag. How many buttons do I have!! Yep, that would be my granddaughter. Today, she wore my big Obama button to school. It has a photo of Obama’s family and says, “America’s Next First Family.”

This is what I accomplished today:

I was going to try to have the colors cascade across the quilt in a rainbow, but it wasn’t working so I am going to make it scrappy. It is nice to have something like this to work on when you have bits and pieces of time.

Tomorrow, in addition to the M & M schedule, I am going to go to WW and get my hair cut and colored. Won’t be much time in the studio.

7 Responses to “Time Management”

  1. Diane says:

    It’s a long time since you’ve had this sort of kid-care, eh? And isn’t it amazing how fast the time flies in between the to-school and the from-school tasks? Plus there’s just the psychological concept of knowing you can’t go about your day without keeping one piece of your mind on the “I have to pick up after school” deadline. But I’ll bet you’re having a blast, too. Hope things are going well for Stephanie in Maine!

  2. jenclair says:

    Whew! I had some of that schedule in Baton Rouge while Erin was recovering. It is really exhausting, but when we did it, everything came in small increments. One child and her development, then another. Diving headlong into childcare and not having dealt with it for years is quite an experience!

    I really like the scrappy!

  3. Judy says:

    While shoe-shopping the other day, I got into a conversation with two women(my age)about why women can bear children for only so long and then ‘the gift’ quits giving….and you have put it all so well! YIKES: I can’t even begin to imagine living by that schedule again. That said, I was might productive and very disciplined…as you are proving to be!

    Love the scrappy quilt.

    I got my hair cut and colored today too!!


  4. terry grant says:

    There’s a reason only young women can have babies! Just be grateful that they go to school for a few hours each day and that you don’t have to carry them. My back is killing me today. Still, I think grandchildren are the true reward that balances out the difficulties of getting old. Have fun!

  5. PaMdora says:

    I like scrappy, It will look great this way.

  6. Natalya says:

    geee… your day sounds like my day, every day… enjoy!

  7. Juanita Olson says:

    Gerry, Please send some of that energy this way. I am 62 years old and you are my role model for loving and living life.