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Today is Columbus Day…

er… I mean indigenous people’s day! When I was in grade school, we always had this day off from school – not a random Monday! This was special to me because


there was always a school holiday for my birthday.

I just realized that I must update my profile and I am getting awfully close to 70 ?Ǩ why don’t I feel like I am that old?

Later today Mark and Jayme are arriving. Mark is going to transform our front landscaping. Tomorrow, while he and Mr C are working, Jayme, Steph, M & M and I are going to Sauvie Island to partake of the annual pumpkin activities. M & M have no school tomorrow. Tomorrow night, M & M are staying overnight because their Mom and Dad are going to a concert. Then, finally, on Saturday, we will celebrate my birthday.

I love a party. There have been times in my life when I had so many different groups of people that I dealt with that I have had 3 or 4 birthday parties. These days, I am lucky to get one!!

31 Responses to “Today is Columbus Day…”

  1. mathea says:

    What a lovely picture! I’m a day late with my birthday wishes, but happy birthday anyway – hope you’ll have a great party on Saturday!

  2. carol says:

    Happy Birthday, yesterday! And what a cute baby photo!
    birthday blessings…carol

  3. Reva Basch says:

    Happy birthday a day late, Geri. At least you’re still celebrating!

  4. Jen says:

    Late to the party (again), but happy, happy birthday and many more. You are a joy. Jen

  5. Dale Anne says:

    Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gerrie!!!
    Hope YOUR day was the BESTEST ever!

  6. Diane says:

    Happy birthday! What a cute baby pic…maybe that needs to work its way into a quilt?!

  7. Jeannie Evans - Van Hoff says:

    Happy Birthday to You! Gerrie, I wish you the best on your special day. Perhaps you could share how you have become so wise, beautiful, and artistic. To carry on with the beautiful baby theme … baby look at you now!
    Cheers to you!
    Jeannie in Richland, Wa.
    (P.S. Thanks for mentioning Fibers in Motion – I had a great time there on my way home from the beach!)

  8. liz berg says:

    Wheeeee! happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Gerrie, happy birthday to you….
    Love ya!

  9. Judy says:

    Well, Gosh, I hate being last in line…but actually,maybe I was one of the first! LOL
    “You must have been a beautiful baby”….no, scratch that, You WERE a beautiful baby…and you’re just as beautiful today! God Bless You, Gerrie! We ALL love ya!!
    Enjoy your company and your party!

  10. terry grant says:

    Happy Birthday Gerrie! That is the cutest darn baby picture I have ever seen!

  11. teri says:

    Just adding my best wishes to a wonderful woman….we can celebrate your birthday again at AQT (and mine….it’s the 6th).

    I do love that pic. Guess I will have to dig out one of mine…


  12. Have a very happy birthday! Enjoy your party (even if there is only one)! 😉

  13. Kathie says:

    Happy birthday! Stretch out the celebration as long as you can, that’s what I always say. Here’s to a fabulous upcoming year for you and all your family.

  14. Kat says:

    Happy Birthday to You!!!
    Am a sporadic lurker of you and your daughters, and am originally from Watertown, NY. Love all your sites for different reasons, and your similarities to my sis, Mom & me.
    Enjoy your day w/ gusto!

  15. KT says:

    Happy Birthday! You are a F-O-R-C-E and we all love you for it. Have a few wonderful, celebratory days.

  16. Caterine says:

    I’m a reader of your daughters blogs and just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. You seem to be a wonderful (grand)mother.
    Have a nice party all together!

  17. Debbi says:

    Happy Birthday. Your picture is beautiful!

  18. laeroport says:

    Happy birthday! Seventy-schmeventy! One of my favorite quotes: Age is all about mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

    You seem to me like someone who doesn’t pay much attention to the numbers, but gets out there and LIVES! Here’s to many more birthdays – I’ll be having a piece of cake for you!

  19. DebR says:

    Happy Birthday, Gerrie!!

    That photo is adorable and it really looks like you!

  20. Karoda says:

    oh my, i’m late…but happy birthday to ya! and have a great time celebrating the day you were born and changed the course of the universe!!!!!!!!!!!! and girl, you make almost 70 look damn good! keep strutting your stuff!

  21. MsLizF says:

    Happy Birthday!! you’re not getting older……you’re getting better. Have a wonderful birthday and fun day at Sauvie Island. I’m going to Pacific International in Santa Clara tomorrow so I’m looking forward to a fun day too.

  22. Theresa says:

    Happy Birthday! Do you realize you look just the same 68 years later? Taller, of course . . .! Enjoy your day!

  23. janet says:

    Happy Birthday!! I’m just a few years behind you. Love the baby pic….what a cutie! Great smile!

  24. What a beautiful smile! I like it that you still look like your baby picture. I think that it’s good that you don’t feel your age. My in-laws are 75, and have acted that age for the entire 21 years I’ve known them, even though they are in great health & comfortable circumstances.

  25. Sulia says:

    Happy Birthday from an east coast admirer of your work…many happy returns of the day to a beautiful lady.


  27. Diane D. says:

    Gerrie, you were such a beautiful baby – but that’s no surprise! I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  28. jenclair says:

    Happy Birthday! What a gorgeous baby picture.

  29. Amy says:

    beautiful baby portrait! Happy Birthday.

  30. dee says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Baby…if you can name that song you’re as old as me…..Hope you have a wonderful day and a great celebration.

  31. Mary Manahan says:

    Happy Birthday. Gerrie!