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Art Quilt Tahoe Day 3

First of all, let me just do a little happy dance around my hotel room as I watch the returns come in. A message has been sent. Will it be heard?

Now, to my day here in gorgeous Tahoe. It was bright and sunny today – not a cloud in the sky. Not so for the northwest where the rain has finally stopped, but not without leaving a lot of devastation in its wake. I am happy to have missed it.

Today, we took our basic design and played with it some more and then selected a design for out big project. Here is what I did with two of my pieces:



Here is some other work from around the room:




Here is how I left my design wall, as I was auditioning fabrics:


And, of course, the Dessert Du Jour:


We had a preview of AQT 2007. It will be for one week, only, and it will have a lot of new teachers. More about that, later.

5 Responses to “Art Quilt Tahoe Day 3”

  1. Judy says:

    great fabric choices Gerrie!
    and of course: YUMMM for the dessert du jour

  2. Kristin says:

    Only two more days and I’ll be eating those yummy desserts too! I really like your second piece today. I like teh way the stripes appear in the green foreground and then “disappear” into the background.

  3. Debra Roby says:

    I waved as we drove through Truckee (no way I was gonna convince the spouser to stop and drive down just so I could say hi during breakfast! Yes, it was that early).

    I really like a couple of those designs! Others… kind of dull (what is it with a fascination with hearts??) Yours is looking cool.

    I want to know more about next year… not surprising that they’ve downsized.. with Claremont running too how much can be filled?

    Have you heard if our class with Rayna is a go yet?

  4. Kathie says:

    Thanks for sharing. Wish you could send along a bite of the dessert.

  5. jenclair says:

    Thanks for taking us along with you to Tahoe, Gerrie. It is both entertaining and informative to see the work you and your classmates are doing. I like the contrast of the hand stitching on the first example; it’s interesting to see the difference in effects between the hand stitiching and the machine stitching on the two pieces.

    Mmmm, more desert!