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Kicking Back and Getting Connected


It is summer and this blog will occasionally succumb to gratuitous photos and posts about the grandkids. They came to spend the day. Here they are lunching al fresco on the deck and in the sun.

Here is Mia with a mouth full of watermelon.


Mr C and Miles made a couple of trips to the Dollar Tree. I think Miles is beginning to understand the tenuous quality of their merchandise, if you know what I mean. Mia and I took Scooter for a walk around Reed College campus and then pulled weeds in the garden.

This afternoon, we had a rousing game of Go Fish for Art, using the Impressionist deck. Mia said she liked learning to pronounce the names. I used my best French accent for them!!

Yesterday, I went shopping to spend some of the money I made as registrar for the conference. I upgraded to Leopard on my desktop computer and also got the maximum memory. I also bought this:


Oops, wrong side:


And here are the apps:


Yes, I got an iPhone and I am loving it and I don’t even have the bubble wrap app, Terry!! (sorry for the lousy photos!) I have spent quite a bit of time today adding my contacts and learning the ins and outs. The keyboard makes texting so much easier. I must say, I have quite mastered the little thing. And don’t you love the lime green case that I got? I also love that wallpaper in the second photo. As a senior citizen, I got a way better deal on the monthly service, too.

Fiberfest is going on over at Reed College. I think it used to be Art & Soul and was in another location. Kathyanne White, an SDA friend, is teaching a couple of classes. They have a vendor’s night open to the public on Friday night. I’m planning to go over. I have invited Kathyanne to come over for a glass of wine tomorrow night. I guess I better get the studio cleaned up.

3 Responses to “Kicking Back and Getting Connected”

  1. Kristin L says:

    Cool phone. My hubby loves his when he’s around to use it. I have teh epicurious app, but haven’t used it. I do use “ToDos” and am happy. My address stuff synchs automatically somehow, as does my calendar. Mine’s an iTouch though, not an iPhone, so I think yours is fancier.

  2. Reva says:

    I was gonna say. The first time I synced the iPhone, it just imported the address book from my laptop. I highly recommend Bubblewrap, UrbanSpoon, and Epi(curious), for starters.

  3. Dale Anne says:

    can’t you just transfer your address book from your laptop to your phone…