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Painting Fabric — Instant Gratification


Today, the STASH group painted fabric at Terry’s home. She has a blog post with some photos, too. This piece is my favorite of the day. I didn’t try to do sun printing with this. I painted a base of turquoise and then sponged on some royal blue. After that, I splatterd with a variety of other colors that were available.

My sun printing attempts fell flat. I think the paint was drying to fast because it was rather mild and breezy with no sun. Here are my attempts. My first was this green piece. Before:


After – nada.


This is a silk dupioni that I painted red. I did lots of reddish pieces that I might be able to use for the Passion theme for the next Twelve X 12 challenge. I put washers and jar lids on this.


After, with the companion piece which was painted and sprinkled with salt. I added some spatters of black. You can see a couple of faint circles on the piece on the left.


Here is a detail of the spatter piece.


I also painted some cheese cloth in reds and black. Looks quite passionate, don’t you think?


I had one semi-successful sun print. It was my last piece.


The next piece was painted with orange and blue. I wanted to get a brown color where they mixed. I sprinkled it with coral Setacolor. I like both sides of this piece.



Here is the nice setup in the back yard. We were under a canopy. That is Beth, Terry and Reva. Terry prepared a great lunch. The best part was spending the day with friends.


8 Responses to “Painting Fabric — Instant Gratification”

  1. mary tabar says:

    Hi Gerrie, I do a lot of dyeing fabric and painting, I like painting because it so much less work! I did some shirts and forgot to heat set (ironing) before washing and lost some color-

  2. Wendy says:

    I see on Terry’s website that you were putting the fabric on newspaper to dry. I have much better luck if I put it on plastic. It seems to hold the pigment onto the fabric instead of wicking it away, and the longer drying time is probably better for the sunprint effect as the dry paint areas wick the color from the wet areas. If I am scrunching the fabric or it’s small, I put on freezer paper-plastic side. Wipe off paint with a damp rag and reuse either. I have ironed flimsy pieces of silk to freezer paper to paint and it works well. I have been working on silk scarves to sell. Will haver pics on my blog when I have enough time to take them, hopefully next week.

  3. Connie Rose says:

    Way cool, Gerrie. I’m looking forward to painting some fabric in the next week. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Jen Anderson says:

    Looks like you had big fun! My favorite is the blue with spatters. Jen

  5. Diane D. says:

    Looks like such fun. I love the blue one with the peek-a-boo grid.

  6. francoise says:

    What a great day you had. And now you are ready for 12×12 passion…

  7. Marlis says:

    wonderful fabrics! sunprinting is on my todo list – hopefully summer goes on for a couple weeks!

  8. Kristin L says:

    Actual sun prints or not, it looks like you guys had a great time, and you still have nice fabrics to work with.