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Hearts for Anna


I made this tonight for the fundraiser, Hearts for Anna, which is being sponsored by Artful Home for one of their long time artists who has a recurrence of breast cancer which has now spread to her bones. She has no health insurance because this was considered a pre-existing condition. (Don’t get me started!) How could I not participate. The pieces of art need to be 5 X 7 inches or smaller. You can get more details here: Hearts for Anna.

Here is a detail:


I made this with hand dyed fabric background with embellishments of silk and organza that are hand painted. I did some seed stitching in the brown fabric using a luscious hand dyed Perle cotton form Elin Noble.

It felt good to go down to the studio tonight and make this. The weather is getting back to normal here, and I have more energy! I spent all day with M & M so that Steph could get her hair done and do every thing that a mom needs to do so that the family can fly to North Carolina tomorrow to visit the other grandparents.

We wanted to go to the library this morning which is one of their favorite things to do, but it was closed so we went to Bi-mart and picked up some stuff for entertainment. After lunch on the deck, we prepared the materials for making bubble snakes, an activity that Deborah suggested on Face Book after I pondered what to do with them today.



Here are the directions. Carefully cut the bottom off the bottom of a water bottle with an Exacto Knife. Cover the end with a piece terry cloth held by a rubber band. Dampen the terry cloth then dip in dish washing detergent and blow through the top of the bottle.


Something different than normal bubble blowing. They had fun. They also enjoyed some Popsicles:



Scooter watched all the activity from his spot in the yard. Can you see how banged up his protective collar is? He is such a doofus, running around and bumping into things.


It has been a good day.  I keep having this creativity crisis recurring. I am not sure what that is about. I just need to keep working and to remember how happy I am when I am in the zone.

6 Responses to “Hearts for Anna”

  1. PaMdora says:

    It’s so great of you to make a piece for the fundraiser. I know you’re busy, that makes it even more impressive that you make time.

    I also can’t imagine running around with one of those plastic collars on. What if they made people wear them, haha, I’d be running into doors and things too. Now that I think of it, I already do!

  2. Beautiful piece. I can’t wait to see it in person. Thank you so much for helping Anna.

  3. Connie Rose says:

    Great post and wonderful little quilt. Thanks for the link, too! I have NO health insurance, so I’ll only weigh in on that matter by saying, God forbid anything medical happens to me, uninsured as I am.

  4. Diane D. says:

    Thanks for the bubble snake idea – I’ll have to try that with the boys today.

  5. KathieB says:

    Lovely evocative piece. All the best to your friend… And of course we have the shrill masses shouting down Congressmen advocating health care reform. Don’t get ME started.

    Love the bubblemaking too–it’s always so fun how a simple low-tech thing like this enthralls kids. Makes me want to blow some bubbles myself.

  6. Kristin L says:

    I think I need to make a Heart for Anna too! Thanks for the link, and for the great bubble snake idea too.