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Wednesday Whatever


Look at what arrived in the mail today! These were made by my friend Beate who lives in Dusseldorf, Germany. Her beloved beagle, Jeanie, was hit by a car and had to have surgery on two legs. It cost a lot of money so several of her FB and QA friends pitched in to help her get some quick cash. I bought these adorable critters and the door hanger below, from her Etsy shop.


I was rather tired and achy today. Lugging a trunk show of  quilts to and from the house gave me a nasty back ache. I did get my to do list done in spite of it. I took an Aleve and kept on going. The biggest job was getting all the quilts back in their places.

Tonight, I got some work done on a couple of postcards.


4 Responses to “Wednesday Whatever”

  1. Judy says:

    ahhhh: more of those loverly postcards! Hope your back is all better by now.


  2. Beate Knappe says:

    oh, You already get it I’m so glad you like it
    Thank you a lot


  3. Kristin L says:

    Cool monsters and house from Beate! I’m liking your postcards too — the monochromatic look is working for you. 🙂

  4. dee says:

    What lovely gifts to recieve from the amazing Beate. You can get lost in time at her fabulous blog. Lucky you!
    I hope you have a chance to take it a little easy-sounds like you could use a little down-time. I like your post cards. Beautiful colors.