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Studio Fun


I needed to get my studio tidied up because I have 10 artists coming on Saturday for the Oregon Fiber Artist’s critique. We meet twice a year. I know somebody is going to want to see where I work. I went down there this morning and instead of cleaning, I did another expressive drawing and finished one of the post cards. I forgot to get a photo before I stuck it in the mail. It is for someones 50th birthday. I love putting a stamp on them and just sticking them in the PO box. I have never had one get lost.

I finished the Aspen trunk postcard in my free minutes today. I am loving the Colorhue dyes. They are so easy to work with and give instant results. I dyed the back of the tree trunks to give them more definition. Looks so cool.

My expressive drawing today was a variation of the first workshop, using the non-dominant hand, which is the left for me. So we start with a drawn shape using paint and brush.


Then, you stand back and decide what lines to add.


Then you keep adding lines until it seems finished.


It is very freeing, especially using the left hand.

I forgot to show this lovely postcard that Beate included with the things I purchased. It is very beautiful.


By the way, I managed to get my studio in pretty good shape. My office is still unsightly; I will hit that tomorrow.

6 Responses to “Studio Fun”

  1. jenclair says:

    I’d love to see your studio in person–clean or cluttered and amid your creative chaos! I haven’t made a fabric post card in a long while; I think you’ve inspired me.

  2. Judy says:

    You are so incredibly organized AND so creative! I need to try those dyes….I had toyed with the idea last year and then got discouraged by something I read. But I trust your endorsement. Your aspens piece is gorgeous!


  3. Jan says:

    I like your postcard. Just remember how you feel when you go to someone else’s home/studio. You possibly enjoy seeing a bit of a mess, just shows that someone actually uses that space. Enjoy yourself!

  4. Love that aspen trunk postcard!

  5. Jennifer Coyne Qudeen says:

    This is probably a really stupid question, but just how do you create a fiber postcard? Is the “picture” side fiber and the “writing” side paper? Or is it all fiber? I hate to admit that even though I’m also a fiber artist (pre-adopting twins from China I was a contemporary basketry artist), but I’ve never seen a fiber postcard.

  6. Brenda says:

    Does Gericon Cleaning Services do assignments down under?