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An Eclectic Day

This morning I had to see my oncologist. He is having me take Femera, the drug that has replaced Timoxifin, to inhibit any future cancer. I also had to have several tubes of blood drawn – a really joyful occasion. This afternoon Stevie and I took a ride down to Petaluma to the Silver Penny Ranch so that I could retrieve a favorite Chico’s jacket that I had left over the week-end. Then we went to a lighting store to pick up new trac lighting for my studio. Here is the pathetic lights I have now – they are mismatched and keep burning out.

So tomorrow while I am presiding at the guild board meeting, Steve will install them.

Here is a photo of Maggie who hangs out in the studio with me. She is very quiet except when she hears a UPS or Fed Ex truck! She loves to get packages as much as I do!! She is 10 years old. We acquired her when we lived in North Carolina. She is a Jack Russell Terrier named after Margaret Thatcher because she is a British female who can stand up to the good ole boys.

Now I am going to work on the guild newsletter and watch the Project Runway finale.

One Response to “An Eclectic Day”

  1. that picture makes me miss maggie and want to make her growl by giving her kisses.