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Oh my goodness, she looks so grown up! It is boxing day and I thought I should post some Christmas eve photos. We went to Stephanie’s home and it was delightful. She made a delicious rustic shrimp soup with potatoes and Andouille sausage.

Steamed artichokes were enjoyed before the soup. One of Mia’s favorite foods.

The first photo is Mia in her new Jammies and strumming the guitar that we gave her along with 6 private lessons.

The floor under Steph’s tree was piled with gifts. Some of them were left to be opened on Christmas day.

Here is Miles in his new Jammies and the Walkie-Talkie we gave him. He brought it with him yesterday. We use it to send him on secret missions – keeps him busy!!

I finally got a photo of his two missing teeth.

A scene in Steph’s living room.

The goodies we enjoyed after dinner, provided by Mr C and I. The food pantry sold boxes of beautiful Holiday cookies as a fund raiser. I made fudge brownies and mini-cheesecakes. One of Steph’s friends gifted her with cashew brittle and nougat.

One of my favorite gifts is this painting of Maggie that Lisa did for us. This is from a photo when we still lived in North Carolina.

Yesterday, I made dinner for the family and we enjoyed playing some games in the afternoon. I neglected to take any photos. I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.

Now, it is time to do some planning and list making for all that awaits me in the new year.

5 Responses to “Holidaze”

  1. laura c-w says:

    oh Gerrie, they are growing so fast. Mia definitely does not look “little” any more and Miles, toothless, is looking very young mannish. What a fun holiday.
    Hope you are mended from the bout of sinusitis etc. earlier… we’ve been struggling with various buigs here in the south. It makes for a quiet time. Enjoy the tranision this week brings.

  2. Judy says:

    What wonderful family times you all have! Your move to Portland was a good one. The kids look so happy….and yes, Mia is definitely a beauty! MMMMM: the food looks fabulous too!
    and now we are on to the lists for the new year!


  3. rayna says:

    Adorable kids! Lucky you.

    OK, Gerrie – what is Boxing Day? I used to think that people went to the boxing matches on that day, but THAT didn’t make sense. Nonetheless, I still have no clue. Of course, I also used to think that when my mother said she was going to a board meeting, all the people were going to stand on a big board (like a raft) and have their meeting there.

    Your food looks yummy! When Jessica was 5 we were out to eat with my parents in Fla. and she ordered an artichoke. The waiter looked at her and asked, “do you even know what that is?” She was highly insulted. She still loves ’em – we ordered a stuffed artichoke with our pizza tonight and it was delish.

    Happy holidays!

  4. terry grant says:

    Gosh, I remember a beautiful picture of Mia on your blog, either Christmas or Thanksgiving in California. She was little and so cute and I commented that she looked like a Carl Larsson painting. Seems like only yesterday. She does look grownup! And still a beauty. Love Miles toothless vampire pose. Looks like a wonderful holiday. Aren’t you happy you moved here?

  5. KathieB says:

    Happy family times. Have to admit it’s well worth all the pre-Christmas hassle. Merry Christmas!