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Gasp; I’m Coming Up for Air

I was honored to have been invited to become one of the first members of this new presence on the web. Click on the logo and go on over to the new site developed by Rachel Biel. Her other blog is Fiber Focus.

While gathering information to be posted on the blog, I found out how to make a slide show from a Flickr set. But, I don’t know how to embed it in a blog post. One thing at a time!!

I have had to check things off a list today, but I forgot to put mail the racism block to Maria in Alaska on my list. I will do that tomorrow. I had to write the president’s letter for the guild newsletter. I spent an hour this morning doing work on the SDA website. I had to write my sidebar article on the Thermofax for the Twelve X Twelve book. I had to select some images for the post card for the Artist’s Among Us show and sale at Trinity where I will be the featured artist. That is in May and I need to get some new work done. Tonight, I had arts committee meeting at Trinity, but I didn’t have to cook as all the commission members have a meal together before our meetings. Nice!!

After I got home from the meeting, I did an outline for a talk that I am giving tomorrow night for a group at Trinity who are working through Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way. I am talking about “Unleashing the Inner Artist at Any Age.”

So, I have now caught my breath. I’m watching The Daily Show and then off to sleep perchance to dream…

3 Responses to “Gasp; I’m Coming Up for Air”

  1. Rachel Biel says:

    Gerrie! What a nice plug for TAFA! I’m so happy to have you there and am meeting so many wonderful new people!

    Your list is like mine and what I hear from many of my peers. We are all way too busy for own good. One of my new TAFA friends told me about an article she read about how bad multi-tasking is for your brain. Better to focus on one things at time, do it in chunks, and then move on to the next task. That is how I work anyhow, but yesterday my Afghan friend was here who is an incurable multi-tasker. A whirlwind of activity that left my brain reeling…

    I, too, watch the Daily Show as my nightly unwind. And, the Colbert Report. They make me laugh and I find myself getting more air.

  2. Kay Sorensen says:

    And just what are you doing in your spare time Gerrie?!?!?!?!

  3. Judy says:

    Yowza: I hope you had some sweet dreams after that day! I’m exhausted just reading about it! I’m off to take my Mom to the Eye Dr….sounds easy after all you accomplished yesterday!

    Congrats on all you are doing!