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Vintage Japanese Textiles

Inspired by a kimono wallhanging in Ana Lisa Hedstrom’s studio, I decided to pull out some of my vintage kimono fabrics. This is very patchy, but I think it has possibilities. I really like the wonkiness of it. I need to square it up a bit and decide how to finish the edges. I will hang it on a bamboo rod.

I need some new work for the Japanese Garden show next month. I am going to try another color way tomorrow. Next week, I will have M & M for a couple of days and even though they are in school during the day, I am sure it will cut into my studio time.

It has taken a couple of days to recover from the SF trip. I have been getting caught up on sleep and getting back to my exercise routine. Today was a gorgeous day, but we have rain coming for the next couple of days.

4 Responses to “Vintage Japanese Textiles”

  1. Oh my Gerri!! What a delightful treat !!! Your flikr set from your recent trip are so wonderful and full of hours of inspiration!!!! The calla lilies are amazing and the rusting is sublime!!! I love what you are doing with your vintage Kimo bits- just stunning!!!!

  2. Judy says:

    I also admired your shot of her kimono and thought about doing something like that for our livingroom………..sigh! Can’t wait to see where you go with this one.


  3. Linda H says:

    You know how much I like your Japanese-inspired work since I own one of your pieces made with vintage fabric. Wonky? Well, that gold print in the lower right does appear a bit odd. I’d probably go with something more subtle. Maybe a deep gray piece?

  4. Kristin L says:

    Nice. I look forward to seeing you in your new kimono too.