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Spring Break with M & M

Yesterday was an exhausting and exhilarating day. M & M arrived home from their camping trip on Tuesday. I called Steph and asked if they could come and spend the day with us. They arrived fairly early. We packed up a snack and headed for the Rhododendron Garden. We fed the ducks and took in the beauty of the spring colors, especially the pink snow.pinksnow.jpg


Then we got in the car and headed for Burgerville for lunch.

Back at the ranch, after sharing some Girl Scout shortbread cookies, we settled down to do some work. Miles and Mr C played a rousing game of Slap Jack and then went to the basement to make a tugboat. Miles had brought the directions with him.



Mia read all of the comics that she could find in our house and then played on the Pollypocket.com website. I folded two loads of laundry and made some discharge samples.

The sun had come out in earnest by 2 pm so we mixed up some homemade bubble mix and headed to the front yard. We made our own wands out of pipe cleaners and plastic lids. Maggie just loves shiny bubbles. She ceases to act like a 12 year old dog when bubbles are in the air.




And, look! M & M were both wearing Crocs!



You can see all of the Spring Break photos here.

I have appreciated all of your comments on my work from Tuesday. I am taking it all to heart and hope to get back in the studio, today.

2 Responses to “Spring Break with M & M”

  1. Maria says:

    How do you make bubble wands out of pipe cleaners and plastic lids? And what is the recipe for homemade bubbles?

  2. dee says:

    what a lovely and delightful way to spend the day. M & M are so sweet. By the way, thanks so much for showing those discharge pics. I got a few yards of Moda and Kona black and I want to try writing with the bleach pen. You’re always an inspiration