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Old Growth Forest Progress

I have felted 11 trees for my old growth forest project. I am going to cut the background fabric and insert the trees. This piece needs to be at least 100 inches in diameter. The shibori piece is 30 X 20 so I need to stretch it out a bit!!

I have steamed the trees since I took this photo and they look a little more finished. My studio is in a state of disarray so I could not set up the studio lighting for a better photo. I hope to get some work done on them tomorrow. I also need to stitch the final facings for the Aspen quilt and the sleeve for the Beneath the Surface quilt. I want to take lots oh hand stitching when I go on a little retreat with the STASH group on Wednesday.

I am so happy that I stayed home over the week-end. I got so much done and had some good times with Mr C. It was fun working in my studio while he finished painting it. I can put things back in order (when I have time). I was also able to have the family over for Sunday supper. I always love some time with them. Mia loves my Aspen quilt. Says she wants it. LOL

2 Responses to “Old Growth Forest Progress”

  1. Kristin L says:

    Looking good!

  2. pat says:

    I am a lurker on your site, I love to see what you are doing. I agree with Mia I love your aspen quilts.