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Garden Update

We have had nothing but rain with very occasional sun breaks for the month of May. The grasses in our front yard love it.

As do the lettuce and kale:

The green beans, peppers and tomatoes are almost dormant as they, like me, are craving sun.

There are lots of wannabe raspberries from the starts we planted last year.

I have 3 peonies. They need way more sun than they are getting on my studio patio. I think I need to move them.

Late today, the sun came out. I am really hoping it stays around for a few days.

I have been diligently quilting the Old Growth Forest piece. I have the background don, after running out of thread and making a trip to the quilt shop. I have 3 trees stitched down. I hope to finish them tomorrow and get it ready to be photographed. I need to get my entry overnighted on Tuesday. I think I can make that.

3 Responses to “Garden Update”

  1. Francoise says:

    Beautiful garden! I like to see the small lettuce leaves.
    It’s been raining here too.

  2. Connie Rose says:

    Your garden looks fabulous. A good use for the excess rain, after all!

  3. Ann Brauer says:

    Gorgeous garden Gerri. I wouldn’t mind an inch or two of your rain.