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If you don’t have sunshine, make some! I have a nasty virus — feeling woozy, achy and just plain sick. At 4 pm today, I took a hot shower and thinking I felt better, I went down to the studio to do my fabric sketch. The sun was just starting to peek through the clouds and became my word for the day.

I did a quick free motion quilted sun with some silk fabrics. I felt so whoozy, I just left my loose threads. I kind of like that. And, I never said that each of these sketches would be masterpieces. This one certainly is not.

Tomorrow promises to be a delightful day with temps in the 70s and mostly sunny. I hope so and hope I feel well enough to enjoy it.

4 Responses to “Sunshine”

  1. Kristin L says:

    There’s a happy hippy energy to that sun that is sort of wonderful. It makes me smile.

  2. Natalya says:

    sunshine looks fab! hope you feel better soon! I’ve got my sketchbook too, but haven’t had a chance to start yet…

  3. jenclair says:

    Making sunshine is a great idea! Hope you feel better soon, Gerrie!

  4. there’s nothing worse than feeling sick when the weather is nice 🙁

    I’ve been going back and forth about participating in that sketchbook project, I just can’t seem to get myself to push the button and sign up.