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I awoke to a bit of sunshine today. It energized me. It was not a lot of sun, but at least it didn’t rain until I was walking Scooter this afternoon at 4 pm. It is raining rather steadily now and will for the foreseeable future. Saturday is looking like it might be a respite.

My lettuce is growing like crazy. It loves this weather. My favorite way to have it is with fresh lemon juice, olive oil and a bit of goat cheese. Yummy!

I managed to get a little more organizing done in the studio. I think if I had a few days of warm, sunny days, I would get it done.

I am also working on a small piece for a juried show that is due in a week. I wanted to try to do something for the SAQA  “No Place to Call Home” show. I have a couple of ideas. The due date is June 20th. I would be pushing it to get something done, I think. However, the size requirements seem doable.

OK, the morning’s energy has dissipated. Time for bed.

3 Responses to “Energy”

  1. Loris Bogue says:

    Hi Gerrie: Did you enter this after all? I got in…my first SAQA entry and first acceptance!!! YEA!!!

  2. jenclair says:

    Right now, we could use a little of your rain, but I’m glad we don’t have day after day as your area does. Eager to see what you come up with for “No Place to Call Home”–

  3. dee says:

    I hope your darned rain stops for a while soon. hey are predicting a wild and crazy Hurricane season for us. I’m hoping it won’t affect the kids outdoor wedding in Sept. Cross your fingers would you? The “Not a sketchbook” is a great exersize in impromptu art. I like the rain page very much.
    Thanks for the kind words you left me.