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I am progressing nicely with the quilting for the silk aspen piece. I found the perfect sulky 12 wt. thread in my stash. Here is a detail.

We are having just about perfect weather right now. This morning, I took Scooter for a walk to another park in our area with a duck pond. Some child with a sense of humor, drew this.

Tonight, I went out to cut lettuce for dinner and found these in bloom in the midst of my herbs and lettuce. They are a holdover from before we put in the raised bed and the durned things found a way to come up and bloom for us.

Our hydrangeas are looking wonderful. These blue ones are an old plant and in a nice shady place.

The new ones that we planted by the garage for their red color, are looking a little less vibrant now that it is warm and sunny.

My favorite plants in our landscaping are the grasses. I love their colors and graceful forms and they way they move with the slightest breeze.

This weather is so agreeable. Have a good week-end.

2 Responses to “Progress”

  1. Judy says:

    love, love love those grass pictures!
    glad you are having some agreeable weather!


  2. Francoise says:

    Love the pictures of your garden, especially the blue hydrangeas. Does Scooter try to run after the ducks and geese in the park?