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Out of Hibernation

I have lovely blog friends. This was gifted to me by Elisabeth B., one of my blog readers who ordered the Twelve by Twelve book. This is titled Lichen and uses a photo of the bridge at my beloved Rhodie Garden which she took on a trip to Portland. Everything in Portland had a layer of lichen or moss most of the year! I love it!

Mr C and I emerged from hibernation this week-end. Yesterday, we went to see The Lincoln Lawyer at our local movie theater. Today, in addition to church, we drove down to Dundee to the Erath winery for a private members event. We tasted wine and ate some yummy goodies.

Speaking of lichen, you have to love the chartreuse roof on this shed at the winery.

Here is our stach of wine, mainly pinot noir, that we brought home with us.

On the drive, I saw this sign which tickled me. Next time I am feeling blue, I think I will book some Joy!

I dyed some black fabric on Friday. I have always had problems with black and I was thrilled with my results. I used Dharma Jet black.

Tonight, I did some testing with deColourant discharge plain and metallic gold and used the heat gun. I am very happy with the results. This is before washing and after using the heat gun.

This is after I washed them. I think this will work very nicely for windows on my cityscape buildings.



5 Responses to “Out of Hibernation”

  1. Oooh, your new cloth is fabulous!

  2. Elisabeth Bourdet says:

    Gerrie, What a nice surprise to see my quilt on your blog. Thank you. The Decolourant results look neat. In another month I will be ready to dye and try some new dye things. Looks like fun. Elisabeth

  3. Bevelry says:

    Can you tell exactly how you are using the DeColourant? I have both the plain and the metallic gold. I both on a silk scarf, and can’t tell any difference between the two. I let it dry overnight- but somehow, I’m not getting the results others out there are.

    Thanks for any tips you have!

  4. Jeannie says:

    I absolutely love the bridge quilt that Elizabeth made. It really captures the “wet side” of the state. Your deColourant experiments look wonderful. I am going to order some and try them out. (If it ever warms up so I can open up the dye studio!) Have a fantastic week, Gerrie.