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Time Out

Thursday, November 5th, 2015


I needed one – a time out that is. After being sick for a week and rushing to get some work done to submit for a SAQA show, I just crashed. About all I did in October was my SDA work and fulfilling a few obligations. I am now trying to get back on track. Above is a photo of a sunrise we could see from the condo a couple of weeks ago. We had a nice Indian Summer and now it is quite cool and rainy off and on.

We took care of Wilfredo for Lisa and Clay while they traveled in Portugal and Spain. Sometimes, I had to walk both dogs which was a bit challenging. Here we are in the elevator heading down for our walk.


When the girls came back, they gave me this wonderful necklace which they found at a shop in Porto.


Here is a link to information about the artists – all work is handmade and have bits of crocheted beads among other fiber frippery. I love the colors.  perdi o fio à meada

I took lots of walks with Mr C and the dogs and photographed the beautiful fall colors.


This is a view of fall from the condo gym.


I prepared 4 older quilts of mine to travel to Brazil where they will be displayed in the annual Patchwork Design exposition with other members of the High Fiber Diet group. It is nice to have some older work get out there.

I also shipped two quilts to Coos Bay for the In Stitches exhibit at the Pacific Park Gallery. Mr C and I are going to drive down for the opening reception and spend the night on Sunday, Nov 15th.

Our local SAQA group met in the Oregon College of Art and Craft dye studio last month. One member led a group in immersion dyeing and I gave a brief demonstration on discharging fabric and then let people play.

I showed them the different results that you can get with different agents.


The fabric is the same black. On the left, I used soft scrub cleanser with bleach, the middle leaf was with Jacquard discharge paste and the one on the right was clear DeColourant. The green in the front was the result of discharging a piece of navy blue cotton.

Terry Grant played with drawing with soft scrub.


Mary Arnold used some stencils and got these great results.


I did a test on snow dyed fabric with lots of dye colors in it.


I am also making progress on this little red sweater. I just have one more sleeve to do.


My project this week is to clean, declutter and reorganize the multipurpose room here in the condo. I bought these modular storage units which I finally got into the room yesterday and started putting stuff in the drawers.


Today, I hauled everything out of the storage closet and rearranged it.


I had the hanging thread storage and the drawers with thread on the other side of the closet and they were harder to get to with my sewing table right in front. My goal is to make the whole room function better because I do so many different things here.

Finally, here are some photos of my grands. They are growing up so fast.





Paige and her parents are coming for Thanksgiving – can not wait!!



Art Date

Friday, October 16th, 2015


Seeing Nature is an exhibit at the Portland Art Museum of landscape art from the Paul Allen Family collection. Most of you know that he is co-founder of Microsoft. The exhibit is composed of 39 landscapes spanning 5 centuries and is amazing. This Cezanne just knocked my socks off. I was mesmerized by the color and brush strokes. You can click on any of these photos to see them larger.


When you walk into the exhibit, you see a wall with 5, yes I said 5, Monets.




To the right was a room full of paintings, dating back to the 1600s. Not my cup of tea, but still quite extraordinary.


We once owned a print of this Klimt which I have always loved. Paul Allen owns the original!


PAULLALLENCONTEMPORARYLANDSCAPESThis room had my favorites – the more contemporary works.


Isn’t this a wonderfully happy piece. Made me smile.


And, oh my gosh, this gigantic David Hockney painting of the Grand Canyon was so fantastic. I could not take my eyes off it.



This Ed Ruscha was a masterpiece of the use of line and shape, devoid of the seduction of color.



At each end of the exhibit were educational exhibits, a video about the behind the scenes with commentary by Paul Allen and the curators. It even showed the unpacking of the exhibit and the exhilaration as they saw each piece in person.

At the other end was an educational exhibit about how we view art and how our brains see and perceive art. I loved this quote by Paul Allen. I think it say so much about why I love landscape art and actual landscapes.


If you are any where near Portland in the next two months, I highly recommend this. I am going back.


Quilt Knit Stitch- See the Quilts I Loved

Monday, August 17th, 2015


I know I have been missing in action, but for a good cause. I helped to coordinate an information table at Quilt Knit Stitch 2015 for Surface Design Association. We set it up on Wednesday and the show ran Thursday – Saturday. We had a display of swatches of samples of surface design techniques by our members and lots of journals to peruse.



The opening quilt up above was in the red quilt show that debuted in Houston. I liked the more modern versions of the red quilts. That one was made by Betty Hahn, an artist that I really admire.


Here is another innovative red quilt.



We were next to an exhibit of work by students in Jane Dunnewold’s master class. Some of these pieces were my favorites in the show. Here are some I especially liked.


This piece was so gorgeous – hand dyed and discharged and some applique of poppy heads.



The hand stitching on this is really lovely. It has sections of hand-dyed gauze laminated to the surface. It needs to be seen up close.



This is one of Jane’s pieces that is digitally manipulated and printed by Spoonflower and then quilted.



These 3 pieces had such gorgeous surface design.



Another gorgeous piece with surface treatment.


Here are some other random pieces in the traveling special exhibits.


Sue Dennis of Australia makes such lovely quilts using leaves. She does rubbings, printing and applique.



Another fabulous quilt by Betty Hahn. It is painted!



This is a small modern quilt with Big Pink, our iconic building here in Portland.


I always love a Betty Busby quilt. This one was in the SAQA Redirecting the Ordinary exhibit.



My regular readers may recognize this as the big sister to a SAQA auction quilt that I purchased.




And here is the little sister.




Hope you enjoyed this sampling of quilts from Quilt Knit Stitch.

What’s Blue to You

Friday, December 5th, 2014


Today, a few of us who have art quilts hanging at the Portland Airport, Concourse B, were escorted through a side door to view the exhibit. I must say that having the quilts all the same size made a big impact as you come upon it.




Here I am standing next to Blue Picasso Woman to give you an idea of the size.


Here is a view looking at the quilts from the other end.



Here are some of my favorite quilts.


This is by Carol Heist, titled Schooling Around. The bit of red she used is a wonderful accent and she has a wonderful s curve going on in the overall design. She has a talent for incorporating unusual fabrics.


This is Kimberly Connelly with her piece. I always love blues and oranges together. This has a pleasing design and great use of value as an important design element. Kimberly was on her way to Palm Springs and just happened to show up when we were there!


This is Terry Grant’s quilt titled First Day of School based on a memory of a new blue dress for the first day. So charming and evoking of a memory many of us have.


Across the hall from our exhibit are a group of art quilts representing Portland Bridges made by the Modern Quilt Guild.



This was one of my favorites.


So, there you have it. A report from my fun field trip for the day.

Portland in Full Bloom

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014



This morning, we hiked up to the Rose Garden. So happy we did because I think it is at it’s peak, right now. Here are some photos I took today.





We saw lots of purpleish roses today. There was one that was like a dark burgundy, but the photo did not turn out.





We even got to see the Rose Queen getting photographed in the garden.


And this Shakespeare quote.


Really a beautiful place in June.

I finished quilting the blue Picasso woman. She is ready for facings.


In other exciting news, I had 3 pieces selected for The American Art Company’s Twelfth Northwest Contemporary Quilt Invitational. The gallery is in Tacoma. I have always wanted to enter this show, but never had a heads up as to when they were taking submissions. I found out that a friend had entered so on a whim, I contacted them and even though it was past the deadline, she looked at my work and chose 3 pieces to be in the show – Kelp Dance, and my two big aspen pieces. I am really happy that I took the chance and sent that e-mail.