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In the Studio But No Art

I emptied all of my paint, resists, gel mediums, etc from the three rolling cart drawers. I then checked each container to see if the contents were still viable. Lots of old dried up paint got thrown in the trash. I then organized the remaining stuff back into the drawers.

My fave – Dynaflow paints.

Other Jacquard paints.

Acrylic fabric paints and other acrylics.

Gel mediums and resists.


Setasilk paints.

Taller containers went into a tub.

I have a few more things to purge and organize, but it will make me more efficient and creative. Got to keep going.

Wasn’t this exciting? I’ll bet you are really glad you stopped by here!

We had a wonderful warm week-end. We reveled in it, not knowing how long it might last. Now, we have thunder, lightening, rain and hail in areas near us.

One Response to “In the Studio But No Art”

  1. Judy says:

    Hope you survived the storms! Will you come to my studio and perform a purge please??? LOL It needs a good one! You can take some of our hot air back home with you when you depart….we have more than enough to share right now!