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The Alliance for the American Quilt Auction

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

My little quilt, Pearls of Wisdom, is on the auction block on ebay this week to benefit the Alliance for American Quilts. The auction starts tomorrow at  9:00 pm Eastern. The bidding for each quilt will start at $50. You can pay by credit card, PayPal or check.

There are lots of great pieces for sale around the theme of Alliances: People, Patterns, Passion. Click here to see the “Alliances” quilts up for bid on eBay this week. (They will not be visible until the auction starts.)

I have been putzing around and not getting much done in the studio. With turkey day looming, I can’t seem to settle down.

Tomorrow, if it isn’t raining absolute buckets, Steph and I are taking M & M to the Japanese Garden to see Mottainiai: The Fabric of Life; Lessons in Frugality from Traditional Japan. I hope to get some photos. It is Miles birthday today, and we will take him out for sushi and presents after the Garden. He had his friend party today.

In the Studio But No Art

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

I emptied all of my paint, resists, gel mediums, etc from the three rolling cart drawers. I then checked each container to see if the contents were still viable. Lots of old dried up paint got thrown in the trash. I then organized the remaining stuff back into the drawers.

My fave – Dynaflow paints.

Other Jacquard paints.

Acrylic fabric paints and other acrylics.

Gel mediums and resists.


Setasilk paints.

Taller containers went into a tub.

I have a few more things to purge and organize, but it will make me more efficient and creative. Got to keep going.

Wasn’t this exciting? I’ll bet you are really glad you stopped by here!

We had a wonderful warm week-end. We reveled in it, not knowing how long it might last. Now, we have thunder, lightening, rain and hail in areas near us.

Busy, Busy

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

I have not done much cutting but I have folded and placed my building fabric to construct a cityscape. Isn’t that sky fabric cool? I have been wanting to use that and I think a Portland sunset is perfect. I have some tweaking to do on this, but I think it is coming together.  I hope to get it fused and start the quilting after STASH meeting tomorrow.

I have been dorking around so much this winter that I have forgotten how productive I can be when the need arises. This morning I knew it was time to make a list!

I had an appointment with the eye doctor to talk about cataract surgery. She said mine are not drastic, but because of the problem with night vision, I probably should pursue it because it is inevitable. So, now, I have to meet with a surgeon for the next step.

I shipped Klee’s Castles to the SAQA auction and mailed a Twelve X Twelve book to Montreal, Canada. I started the work to get a quilt show entry done with a deadline of Friday. I also got my inventory for the Artist’s Among Us art show done and e-mailed.

Tonight, we had to leave early for dinner and class at Trinity so that we could pick up my car which has been in the shop since last Friday. They needed a part; when it came in, it was defective so we had to wait until today for the right part to get installed. Fortunately, I got an extra burst of energy when we arrived home and was able to get some work done in the studio and on the computer.

I have a cool new app for my iPhone called Pano which allows you to take panoramic photos. I took these at the Rhodie Garden a couple of days ago.

This is the bridge that is the entrance into the garden. Click these to see them larger.

Shameless promotion: If you are a member of the Alliance for American Quilts, you can go to their website and vote for my quilt which is #110, Pearls of Wisdom.


Check Off One

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Today was the postmark deadline for the Alliance for American Quilt’s annual contest. The theme this year was “Alliances: People, Patterns, Passion”.  When I heard the theme, I thought of the Pearls of Wisdom piece that I made for the Quilt Art’s 15th birthday. It fit the theme so well, but it was 15 inches square and needed to be 16 inches square. So, I trimmed it to 14 inches and added an inch of batting on each side. I then pulled out some of the batiks used in the hands and fused a border. I don’t usually like borders, but I think this looks ok.

I got to the post office at 4:45 pm. But, I made it!!

On Saturday night, we had a collaborative dinner with some friends. I made dessert. It was so yummy — a gingerbread and pear upside down cake.

In between baking and other quilting, I am plugging away at the river piece. Stitching the bridges in place is very tedious.

I hope you are checking in on the Twelve by Twelve blog. We are taking turns talking about our chapters and asking questions. The answers left in the comments section will give you a chance for winning our book, which keeps getting wonderful reviews. We discovered today that Target is carrying the book and we are #4 on Amazon’s quilting books.