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This and That

I missed attending the SDA conference in Minneapolis last week for various reasons. One of the state reps that I work with sent me a goody bag of stuff attendees received. This is a pin with the SDA logo.

This is the official goody bag.

There were several magazines, but no Fiberarts. I was disappointed to hear that the summer issue is the last one to be published.

There was a small bottle of PROsapol – Prochem’s version of synthrapol. There are fabric samples from Exotic silks and Spoonflower. It is nice to see the quality of the fabric that Spoonflower uses. The little bag contains lavender scented wool scraps – smells delightful.

I also received the Quilt National book from Amazon today.  I have to spend some time with it later.

I think I have finally kicked the virus. I am tired tonight, but it is a good tired, not a sick tired.

6 Responses to “This and That”

  1. Judy says:

    Glad you are feeling better!
    What a great goody bag, huh? Sorry we couldn’t meet up there this year.
    I got my last FiberArts two days ago….very sad, indeed.


  2. kathy says:

    I’m awaiting the arrival of my Quilt National book right now! You got yours before me…I think mine is due here on Saturday. I plan to see the show in St. Charles, MO in October.
    The goodie bag looks fun and the pine is lovely.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Vicki W says:

    Well that explains why I was not able to renew online. I wonder why the phone agent couldn’t tell me that 2 weeks ago!

  4. KathieB says:

    Sad to hear about Fiberarts ceasing publication. Always enjoyed it.

  5. So glad you’re feeling better. Sorry you missed your meeting but it looks like your goodie bag might make you feel better about it.
    Take it slow and easy till you get your energy back.

  6. Karoda says:

    Great to hear you have kicked the virus! And I’m tired too in the same way so lets plop down on the couch with a glass of wine 😉