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Some Color

I received a package of glorious color today from The Wool Peddler. These are wooly cupcakes in delicious color ways.

This is silk Sari Ribbon which I will use in felting.

A gorgeous pound of hand-dyed high quality roving that are ends and leftovers at a great price.

I love these silk fibers – can’t wait to use them in felting.

This is pulled silk fiber, made by pulling the fibers from remnants.

I knew I could not survive the virus unscathed. I now have sinusitis which is causing severe vertigo when I awaken in the morning. After a saline rinse and sitting quietly for a couple of hours, I can sort of resume normal activity. My Dr. is out of town until Wednesday, so I am biding my time trying to cope with another setback.

We had a nice family meal last evening for Father’s Day. It was fun to see M & M and get caught up on their plans for the summer. I gave some books and sketch books to use this summer.

I got down to the studio this afternoon and actually made a thermofax screen and printed some images. I had fun last Friday with Photoshop and a couple of photos I took 3 years ago. I turned them into black and white sketches.

That is Mark and Jayme in the photo above. I did a test print on muslin and then printed on two different organzas.

This is a white organza with a woven leaf print.

This is a dark gray organza. The print on muslin was much clearer.

I received a lovely message from Jane Dunnewold this afternoon, telling me how much she liked my piece that I did for the SDA Member’s show at the conference. She thought it was one of the top ten pieces. I really needed that boost. In case you have forgotten, you can see it here.

Mr C came down with the crappy virus this week-end, but today, he was back at work, dismantling our old deck.

7 Responses to “Some Color”

  1. vicki miller says:

    Like the picture you’re using for your organza prints. I have found that if I spray with Alum solution and let it dry before printing, I get less bleeding, but it depends on the organza, as you probably already know, since it has graced your quilts before.

  2. hope u feel better soon.x

  3. I’ve been doing quite a bit of silk fusion and using the threads from tiny silk scraps that I pull apart. Didn’t know it is called pulled silk fiber. Have you tried fusion? Highly addictive, LOL.

  4. Karen Rips says:

    Those are such yummy fibers, I just love the texture when you’re working with them. The picture of Mark and Jayme is wonderful, I hope it ends up in something. What a great validation from Jane, isn’t it nice when your work is recognized like that, makes you feel you’re on the right track.

  5. jenclair says:

    Such lovely fibers; they beg to be played with. I really like your sketches for the grey piece. Feel better soon!

  6. I was thinking the same thing as Kristin.
    So sorry you are going through another bout with the sinus problems. That really makes one feel so awful that moving around is a sickening experience. Hope the fog lifts soon.
    Nice to be acknowledged by your peers. congrats-you deserve it. You work so hard it amazes me.

  7. Kristin L says:

    Oooh, I hope the Mark and Jayme picture will be part of your 12×12 grey composition!