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Good To Be Home

After a long flight from JFK to PDX, we arrived home around mid-night. We fell into bed and got a good west coast sleep in plus some napping on the plane. I need to get back to this time zone because I am heading to Tacoma on the train tomorrow. My STASH friends are going to the APWQ quilt show and will be there for two nights, coming home on Saturday afternoon.

Today, I sorted mail, paid bills, did laundry and shopped for food. Scooter came home. He seems exhausted! I am sure he had a great time running with all the big dogs at the canine resort.

I found a package from Aurifil threads. I played a little game on Face Book and received some free thread. Aren’t those colors gorgeous. I want to make a quilt to go with the thread.

This is the Cherrywood fabric that I bought at City Quilter in Chelsea. I think those blues will work nicely with my indigo fabrics. I also needed to fill in some nice dark colors. These will be fun to discharge, too.

I was also excited to get my new Sketchbook Project T-shirt.

I am particularly excited that the sketchbooks are coming to Portland next year.

I will be taking my camera and laptop to Tacoma and hope to get in some blogging. I am looking forward to catching up with some blogger friends, too.

5 Responses to “Good To Be Home”

  1. nadia says:

    I’ve been enjoying your blog and art quilts while trying to beat the heat. As an “ex-pat” Oregonian living in Tunisia, I can say that your blog reflects the NW so well. I really liked your study in Gray, NW Winter. Sometimes I miss the clouds and rain…sometimes. Right now, I’d take your cool summer, though!
    best, nadia

  2. Susan Wakeford says:

    Really enjoyed the twelve by twelve exhibition at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago and great to meet Helen Conway. The display was well placed in the NEC and generated a lot of interest. I have read your blog for years and admired your work so it was wonderful to see pieces I have admired for real! You are an inspired group and both my sister and I walked away with your book. Helen asked if I knew you and I said no but that is the strange thing about blogs because of course I feel like I do know you! Looking forward to the next collection!

  3. Francoise says:

    Love the Aurifil threads too. (I bought a few spools in Birmingham). Have a good time with your STASH group.

  4. Jennfer says:

    Looks like you enjoyed your NY trip. Love the fabrics! You’ll enjoy the sketchbook show when it’s in Portland next year. I got to see it in DC and could have spent all weekend checking out sketchbooks. I live in CT and plan to go to the Brooklyn Art Library one day to see the sketchbooks and enjoy perusing.

  5. Jeannie says:

    Welcome home, if just for a bit. The threads are beautiful and the fabrics – gorgeous!!! Have fun in Tacoma.