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More High Desert Conceptual Art

Continuing our first day of hunting down art installations — we stopped for some pizza and then headed out into the desert. The desert landscape, outside Twentynine Palms, is dotted with rundown little cabins. Each one is on a 5 acre plot. This land was deeded to people if they erected a building. Most of them were never lived in — they essentially held the spot. One of these cabins was used by a woman artist who created a whole story about a religious sect that had it’s own language and Bible.

This was interesting and seemed like a lot of effort was put into it.

Next, we drove up above the desert to find several sites. Here is the view from where we were hunting our treasure.

The main installation here was formed from two aluminum truck heads welded together. It created a mirror in which you could see a reflection of the rocks and surrounding landscape.

Another installation was this mesh boulder.

And there was this funny black ceramic vessel sitting amongst the rocks.

But, to me, the most fascinating site was the rock formation that was like a little trail heading off up the hill. This is totally natural and organic – not manmade.

We ended the day at Pappy and Harriet’s, a road house near Pioneer Town, where western movies used to be filmed. We had BBQ and listened to a great country and western band, The Big Blue Tractor.

I am having a hard time getting into my groove. Yesterday, I hit the wall, mid-afternoon. Today, I made it until 7 pm. I still have not gotten into the studio, but hope springs eternal!! I have had to work diligently on the database for Artists Among Us. There is always tomorrow.

3 Responses to “More High Desert Conceptual Art”

  1. Judy says:

    What a fun trip. Thanks for sharing your photos. Ditto Karen’s question re whether the land is still deeded to the folks.

    It does take a lot of time to get back into the swing of things. Travel gives you lots of fodder to work with, but it sure takes a lot out of you. And especially this time of travel for you, with such sweetness sandwiched in the middle! 😉


  2. connie rose says:

    I love that dotted trail, too! Give yourself time to shift from one phase to the next. It takes a lot of energy to shift gears so often!

  3. Karoda says:

    Interesting about the house structures? Is the land still deeded to folks? Art installations in the desert?! Do you have any idea how the rock formation was made?