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Full Disclosure

Thursday, April 25th, 2013



Number one – I am on serious overload of picky, time consuming left brain stuff that I need to do to keep afloat.

Number two – I need some balance in my life. I need to take some creative breaks to keep myself sane.

Number three disclosure is that shrink-a-dink textile I have been working on.

This is a closeup of what it looked like when I last took it out of the dryer.



Eeeuuw! I was about to throw it in the trash, and then my creative wanna be, Karen, commented that she had had this very problem and almost got carpal tunnel from picking out the fuzz. What? She removed the fuzz? So, with renewed enthusiasm, I went after it last night. I decided there must be an easier way. I grabbed my needle felting brush pad and used it. This is what it looks like, now, – the brush that is.



And this is a detail shot of the stitched piece – much better.



I still wish it had shrunk a bit more. I may throw it in hot water and the dryer again to see what happens.

I discharged another piece of silk for another attempt at this.



I have been neglecting the stitching together of my 3x3s so for the last two nights, I have done some stitching. These have been stitched together so far.


So, there you go. A look into my crazy life.


A Quick Check-in

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

drawing 4-4-13


I have been crazy busy with SDA conference stuff and finishing the big quilt so that I can photograph it and submit it tomorrow. I am happy to say that I am going to make it. I finished the quilting this morning and then got it trimmed to size. I am now sewing the facings to the back.



I have nothing else of interest to share. Oh, I did get a drawing done. It is up at the top. I also got several 3 x 3’s stitched while I watched Project Runway. I had to go out and find some blue and yellow beads. Now, tonight, I realize that I am getting low on red. This is going to require a lot of beads!

The rain came back and Mr C and I both admitted we didn’t mind. It is such a part of life here in Portland during this time of year, it seems odd when it gets to be too sunny and dry. I really have become an Oregonian!


Skinny Bits

Monday, April 1st, 2013



I finished fusing the silk quilt tonight. I felt I needed a little more variety so I created some blocks with skinny bits. I really like them.




Tomorrow, I will add the back and start the quilting.

Mondays are always very busy for me. I usually spend most of the morning sending out Constant Contact e-mails for SDA reps, and I have reports and e-mails to do for the SDA Conference registration. I didn’t get down to my studio until afternoon. Working on this quilt has been such a joy — very spontaneous and I love the colors. I have to have it done and photographed by Friday.

Here is my progress with the 3 x 3s. I know some people think I am nuts, but I love stitching them together, taking my time.


Tomorrow, I have a lunch date with a friend. I am looking forward to it. I have been sort of a hermit lately.

No sketches. Maybe tomorrow.

This and That

Thursday, March 21st, 2013



Have you heard that Google Reader is going away? I know some people have been bemoaning the fact. I have started using Feedly and I really like it. The iPad and iPhone apps are really great, too – better than Flipbook.

It has been a crazy couple of days.  I had SAQA meeting here yesterday. That meant some spiffing up time by Mr C and I. Not to mention getting seating set  up for about 20 people and making 3 pots of coffee.  We had a good meeting. One of our members gave some great information about thread. I learned some things.

Today, I went in for my quarterly blood work and wow, are my numbers down. I am not sure how low my cholesterol should go, but it is now 127! Mr C says I should start eating eggs!

Tonight, I went to see an exhibit of art quilts by a group of 5 women I know. They also showed the documentary, “Stitched,” which was a lot of fun to watch since I know a lot of the featured people.

I completed stitching another row of 3 x3s. I have 3 rows done, so far.



I have been working on the silk quilt, too. But am not going to show any more photos of that.

Here is my drawing for today – one of my favorite foods.

drawing 3-21-13



A Productive Day

Monday, March 18th, 2013



I had a busy morning getting out reports to all the committee chairs for the SDA conference. I also got quite a bit done in the studio.

I finished painting the edges of the gallery frame for Fiesta and mounted the quilt on it with gel medium – it fit perfectly. My next thing is to add some paint details that echo the hand stitching. I sort of started. I realize that I need a better brush and I need to sit down and be careful.



I also made more small parts for the silk quilt I am designing. I decided to lay the batting on a large table for the layout and fusing. So, I got one of my tables cleared and took care of that. I also did some hand stitching and beading on the 3 x 3 installation.


My drawing for today is not that great; I left it until late in the day, again.

drawing 3-18-13


This afternoon, Mr C went to Trinity to help prepare and serve corned beef and cabbage to the low income residents in the neighborhood of the church. He was very proud of his cooking skills. He claims to be an expert at boiling food!!