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This and That

Monday, January 26th, 2015


I have neglected to mention that my little Fiesta quilt was featured in this Quilting Arts Magazine article on using hand stitching in quilts, written by Jane Davila.

I am sitting here, icing my knee. I think I have tendonitis or bursitis in my knee. It is painful and so I am trying a home remedy of icing, ace bandage and Aleve. I am also limiting my walking because, well, it hurts when I walk!!

I did manage to get some stuff done today after spending the morning on SDA work. I got started on quilting the leaf quilt for the EB master class. I quilted the dark background and edgestitched the leaves. Tomorrow, I will turn them into leaves with veins.


I also did some photoshop work to create some thermofax screens for this months Printed Fabric Bee project. Tomorrow, I will limp on down to the studio and do some printing.



I’m in Print

Monday, November 19th, 2012

I am pretty sure my friends are tired of hearing about this, but for me this is pretty darned awesome. I have two articles in the Winter 2012 issue of Art Quilting Studio. I received my copy today. It will hit the newsstands December 1. One article is about how I turn my art cloth into art quilts. I also have a tutorial on discharging.

The other article is about my Aspen Quilts.

In the back of the magazine is section titled Patchwork where several art quilts are featured. I have two pages there.

The issue is large and packed with wonderful articles, many of them by friends so I feel that I am in such good company — Connie Rose, Katherine Sands, Rayna Gilman, Kathie Briggs, Arlee Barr, Ellen Lindner, Dominie Nash, Natalya Aikens, Roxanne Lessa, Laurie Brainerd, Gloria Hansen, Clairan Ferrono and others I don’t know that well. Ricë Freeman-Zachery has two articles featuring Sandra Meech and Jenny Hearn.

This morning, I had my hips x-rayed and am waiting to hear what it shows. Then, Mr C and I got the Twelve by Twelve Colorplay quilts packed up and sent them on their way to Brenda Smith in Australia.

I still had time to work on the organ quilt. I finished the background quilting and started working on the embellishments. Here is a section of the wood filigree that will be fused in place and stitched.

And, here is today’s 3 x 3.