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Quilt Content! and Other Stuff

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

I finally did it. I ironed Misty Fuse to my precious art cloth and I cut it. First, I drove myself nuts by folding and auditioning shapes and fabric on the design wall. I love working with these colors.


Then, I decided to just move forward, and as soon as I started ironing on the misty fuse, I felt more confident.

The next step was to cut the fabric and start laying out the design on batting. It seemed easier to do this on one of my large tables.


Then I pinned the pieces to the batting and put it up on the design wall for a look and tweaking.


Some of the pieces are a little wonky, but it is not fused yet so I will tweak it some more tomorrow. After it is fused, I will move on to quilting it. This is the latest in my construction series.

It is Wednesday so it was off to WW. I am happy to say that I was down 1.6 pounds so I lost my gain and more so I am at a new low weight!!

Mr C and I awoke to an e-mail problem on all three computers. We could receive e-mail, but we couldn’t send it. While I was at WW, Steve got in touch with Comcast. They gave him some hokey story about a virus. I have a Mac; I don’t get viruses and why would it effect all 3 computers – 1 PC and 2 macs. So, we called them back and they checked all of our settings and then had us see if we could send mail from the Web. which we could. The tech then deemed it our problem on our computers. Not!! So we called them back and we did not hang up until they found the problem — a spam filter that was blocking our sending mail. Why was it there? I don’t know.

I am such a political junkie. I was on pins and needles last night. I was disappointed that Obama did not get the predicted double digit win, but in reality, it was a good result for him.

Here is my problem with Hillary. I keep seeing one of those questions in an IQ test. What comes next in this series?


And I don’t want to have it be Clinton. We can do better.