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We Have Winners!

Saturday, August 29th, 2009


I had 80 commenters who would like to be in the running for some gericon art. I used the random number generator and here are the winners:

First pick: Cindy Strine, who said that she has been reading my blog since the very first post so I think that is fitting that she won this. Cindy will receive the Spooner Lake Aspen quilt that I do not send to Art for Autism. I haven’t decided yet.

Here is a detail of the piece above:


This is the second piece:


Here is a detail:


The second place person is Pippa Moore, a textile artist from Vancouver Island, Canada. She was my roommate one year at Art Quilt Tahoe. She gets her choice of the smaller Spooner Lake Aspens study or one of my indigo dyed scarfs.



And, tada, the third place person, who receives what Pippa does not choose is another great Canadian friend, Dale Ann Potter.

Here is the original photo that I took at Spooner Lake in the Tahoe area of Northern California.


I have been riveted by the Ted Kennedy events so I have been a little slow getting this all together. So if the three of you will e-mail me your adresses and choices, I will get all of these in the post next week.

Don’t forget to send a bundle for the Iraqui Bundle of Love project, the brain child of my friend, Kristin’s, hubby. Click on the logo to find out more information.