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Portland Places

I spent a good part of the week-end manipulating photos in Photoshop which I then printed on Extravorganza. The photos are of parks and landmarks around Portland. I have fused them to the quilt background. This is a photo of Cathedral Park which is under the St. John’s Bridge.

I also am auditioning some of my organza water fabric as an embellishment for the river.

I think it gives a lovely depth to the composition. Once I fuse the organza down, I can start quilting.

I took some photos of Scooter today, just for fun. Here he is for all the Scooter fans. He has his nice heavy, fluffy winter coat. He loves the cold weather and the snow.

On another note, we are getting such lovely reviews of our Twelve X Twelve book. Be sure to check out Virginia Spiegel’s review on her blog.

3 Responses to “Portland Places”

  1. Karoda says:

    Scooter is growing up…the profile picture is quite handsome. Congrats on the 12×12 book! Such a wonderful testament of cooperation among women artists!

  2. Karen Rips says:

    I think this is going to be a wonderful piece when it’s done Gerrie

  3. Laura says:

    Love the colors of your work! Do you dye your own organza?

    What kind of dog is Scooter? He looks exactly like the dog my grandparents had in the 1960s, and I always thought their dog was just a “mutt”.