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Surprise Package

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

Yesterday, I got an email from UPS saying I was getting a delivery today that was sent next day air from LA. I couldn’t imagine what it could be because I had no pending delivery. It was a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the SAQA board, thanking me for my two years as the Oregon Rep. I love getting flowers and I don’t get them that often. So, that was something I did during the time I was not blogging! I really enjoyed being a part of the dynamic SAQA Oregon team.

Today, I made these delicious raspberry ricotta wholewheat scones so that Mr. C will have something special for his 80th birthday breakfast. I also bought a big carrot cake and birthday candles (80) and dropped them off at Trinity Cathedral. He will be there tomorrow doing his weekly volunteer work and I thought it would be great for them to celebrate his birthday. I can’t be there because I won’t have the car and I have a SAQA conference call at 11 am. Someone has offered to take photos for me.