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Playing Catch-up, Again

It was a dark and stormy day in Portland — a good day to make progress cleaning up my messy office. I decided to break up the process and not do it all in one day. This afternoon, I got back to work in the studio, to catch up on my green 3 x 3s. I am finding green to be a bit boring!


I also washed and ironed the paste resist pieces that I did on our STASH retreat. They were not totally successful because I used Dynaflow paints – to watery and Lumiere – metallic is a problem. I also had the added problem of paint leaking in the bag that I brought my supplies in so their were globs of sulphur green Dynaflow paint on all of my fabric.

Here are some phots:

The second piece was the most successful. It was an off-white background to start.


One Response to “Playing Catch-up, Again”

  1. Judy says:

    You got some good crackle on those last two pieces! Fun!!
    I like your green 3×3’s!