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Not Much Studio Time



I am half way stitching these babies together – only took me six months.

This was probably our last really hot day, and I thought that I would get some dyeing done. However, my job with Surface Design Association took precedence. It is the beginning of the month so lots of state reps like to send their newsletters.

I did make it down tonight after dinner and started working on the sleeves for the Simply Red pieces. We have been asked to make the sleeve in two parts and leave a 3 – 4 inch section in the middle that is open. I will show you why in  a later post.



I got the sleeves stitched to Moonstruck.



Here is a photo of Scooter with my exercise ball. He loves to chase it when I roll it down the hallway.




And last, but not least, I love this beautiful Ginkgo tree that I see in the Rhodie Garden.



Tomorrow, my car is going in for major plastic surgery. It is taking 10 days so I will have a rental car. I have to get up early the car admitted and pick up my temporary wheels.

One Response to “Not Much Studio Time”

  1. Jeannie says:

    I have really loved watching your process on the moon piece, just haven’t taken the time to comment. It is beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, Scooter always makes me smile with his beautiful “fur do” and his gentle face. Please send some of the cooler marine air east. 🙂