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Making Progress


I have so many projects going on that I can’t possibly get bored! I am making a bit of progress of filling in the movement piece for my class with Elizabeth Barton. It is tedious, but I think I will like the end result. Here is my workspace:


I have a teflon sheet over the pattern that I printed and my sketch nearby so that I can work on the values.

I am also quilting Paige’s quilt. We are going to CA in mid-March for her birthday and it needs to be finished. I am doing tedious straight line quilting on the diagonal through the squares.


I have been plagued with aches and pains. First, I have had a flare up of carpal tunnel in my tight hand. I tend to cramp my hand at night when I am stressed so I have found that if I wear a wrist stabilizer to bed, it really helps. I also have developed a cantankerous lower back pain. I am icing it, doing stretches and bought some new walking shoes.

On another note, we have decided that a condo or townhouse to purchase may not become available any time soon, so we are renting a very small (718 sq. ft.) apartment in downtown, near the art museum ane the theater where we attend the symphony and  close to the light rail and the street car. We move in April 7th and will have a moving sale soon after that.

Only four more posts until my 2000th. Stay tuned for some nice giveaways in celebration!

4 Responses to “Making Progress”

  1. Jeannie says:

    I really like your class piece. Your sketch just makes me excited to see it done. I think it will be fantastic. I have always enjoyed working with solids and learn so much about color when I do so. I treated myself to Elizabeth’s 2nd book and it is even better than the first one. You will be surprised how living small isn’t as bad as you might think. Our house is only 1000 sq feet and you just learn to think outside of the box when using rooms. I’m glad your back is better. I do the same with my hands and hadn’t thought of using the wrist brace at night! Thanks for the tip!!! Have a happy!

  2. Marybeth says:

    When you move into the condo (which sounds like it could be fun for awhile) where will all your “stuff” be? You gotta’ have stuff around you for mental health.

  3. Connie Rose says:

    Love the apartment in town idea. Sounds like it’ll be perfect for you!

  4. Susan says:

    Although I’m sure you’re anxious to find the perfect condo, I think living downtown sounds like a wonderful adventure! Enjoy!