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Printed Fabric Bee – August Edition

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015


I didn’t realize I had been away from blogging for so long! It was a busy end of August! Above is the print I did for Deborah Boschert who was the queen bee for August. She proposed an architectural theme in blues. I picked up some nice stencils at Quilt Knit Stitch and used this one that looked like bricks for a building. The base fabric was a light blue and I sponged on an indigo color.



Debra uses a simple house shape in her work. I made a freezer paper stencil of that shape in 3 different sizes and used a blue green paint to add the houses.


Here is the 6 inch piece for the giveaway.


And the mosaic of the prints done so far.


For a chance to win the collection ( I am sure more will be coming), leave a comment on the Printed Fabric Bee Blog.

I am still having severe pain in my right knee/leg. I am having an x-ray and seeing the ortho doc on Friday. Hope to get some answers and relief.

One thing I did last month was to finally finish the kid quilts made with my daughter’s line of fabrics. Here are the girls with the quilts after they arrived in upstate NY.


We also did a bit of a remodel in the bathroom where we wanted more storage. A huge mirror was removed and medicine cabinets installed. We painted the room a soft gray and put up wallpaper on the cabinet wall. The wallpaper is from a line of removable wallpaper designed by my daughter, Lisa. We love the whole thing.


While Lisa and Clay were out of town this past week, we got to have this cute little guy stay with us.


Right now, I am in the midst of finishing up the current homework for my online master class. Perhaps I will post about that tomorrow.

Moving On

Monday, November 24th, 2014


I am somewhat in limbo because I can’t start dyeing the fabric for my solo show until January when I can have a larger space to work. I have been putting off making a couple of kid quilts for my great nieces, using the fabric line from my daughter, Lisa. I have a huge pile!!


I went looking on the internet for a quick and easy pattern that would work with the 9 different fabrics I have. I found this quilt which is designed to use a Moda fabric pack. I am going to modify it for my use.


I am going to make mine a bit larger. I have cut enough rectangles to get started on the first quilt. You can see them up at the top. I have two rows stitched.


I think this is going to work great and be easy to stitch together and quilt. I might have them done by Christmas.

Stephanie is going to do the Thanksgiving dinner this year. I am taking a couple of dishes and wine. It feels weird not to be in charge of the whole thing. But I think I can do this.

On Sunday, she and I are driving to Seattle to meet up with Jayme and Paige. Jayme has an interview for her residency at U of W Children’s Hospital. Steph and I are going to entertain Paige on Monday, or vice versa! It should be fun. An all Congdon girl party.

I found out from my friend, Mary, that she finally got a letter from the church and she has the commission. I asked her about their desire for a sculptural piece with uneven edges. She has done a piece like this that they liked. I am happy she got this. Doing sculptural quilts is not in my wheel house.

Making Progress

Monday, February 24th, 2014


I have so many projects going on that I can’t possibly get bored! I am making a bit of progress of filling in the movement piece for my class with Elizabeth Barton. It is tedious, but I think I will like the end result. Here is my workspace:


I have a teflon sheet over the pattern that I printed and my sketch nearby so that I can work on the values.

I am also quilting Paige’s quilt. We are going to CA in mid-March for her birthday and it needs to be finished. I am doing tedious straight line quilting on the diagonal through the squares.


I have been plagued with aches and pains. First, I have had a flare up of carpal tunnel in my tight hand. I tend to cramp my hand at night when I am stressed so I have found that if I wear a wrist stabilizer to bed, it really helps. I also have developed a cantankerous lower back pain. I am icing it, doing stretches and bought some new walking shoes.

On another note, we have decided that a condo or townhouse to purchase may not become available any time soon, so we are renting a very small (718 sq. ft.) apartment in downtown, near the art museum ane the theater where we attend the symphony and  close to the light rail and the street car. We move in April 7th and will have a moving sale soon after that.

Only four more posts until my 2000th. Stay tuned for some nice giveaways in celebration!

This and That

Friday, February 14th, 2014


After a few glitches, I finally have Paige’s quilt ready for sandwiching and quilting. Two more to go and I wonder if I can fit them in to my busy schedule. I know I am going to get slammed with moving household stuff at some time in the near future, whether we find a new place or end up renting for a while. I am scheduled to give a talk at the Oregon SAQA conference on my creative process or something like that. I know there are many in the group who would be as qualified as me to do this and so I am feeling a bit intimidated.

I am also taking the year long online Master Class with Elizabeth Barton. I skipped the first month for a couple of reasons. I was pretty busy with house stuff, and it was on value which I have done with her in another online class and in a workshop here in Portland.

This month’s assignment is to show movement in your work. Sketches were due on the 10th and we are to have it done in the cloth (no stitches) by the 20th. Here are my sketches — a difficult task for me, as I like to work in my head and then just start cutting and designing with fabric.

This one is flames. She suggested that the darker values should be in the front it it is flames, but it could be a plant. I tried inverting the values. I like that version better, I think.



Next was forest stream. I like this a lot because I do like to do simplified tree landscapes.


And this is the one she liked best and I love it too. I want to make it really large so getting it done by the 20th could be problematic. I would like to do it in silk with lots of black, setting off the colors.


So that is what we are up to. Now, I must get myself together to go out to a Valentine thing at Trinity with Mr. C. I haven’t posted a photo of our lovable Scooter so here he is to wish you a happy heart day!



Missed My Blogiversary

Thursday, February 6th, 2014


Nine years ago on February 3, I did my first blog post. Usually, I like to have a party and give my readers a chance to win something in a drawing, but since I have The Printed Fabric Bee going on, I am going to wait for my 2000th post, which is coming up, soon.
If you want a chance for the printed fabric, leave a comment on the previous post!

We had snow today! This is a photo I took early on. We got more than this and are expecting more tomorrow so I am going to try my hand at snow dyeing.


Processed with VSCOcam

I have been putzing around most of the week with errands and SDA work, but today, I got back to work on the quilt for Paige. I am using hot pink and white blocks to go with the disappearing nine patch blocks. In fact, I am almost done with the piecing. I can start working on borders tomorrow. I have to use the floor as my design area!

Processed with VSCOcam

Tuesday night was the opening of the Simply Red show. Here are some photos I took with my Moonstruck piece.


Red Hills 3 IMG_0569 email

This is an overview of the upstairs gallery. It is a lovely space out in Hillsboro.

Red Hills 1a IMG_0566 email