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How Cute is This?

This is my great nephew, Jordan. I am pretty sure my sister, his Grandma Judy, made the quilt. My sister makes beautiful traditional quilts so making a quilt for Jordan didn’t seem right. I bought him a really cute outfit. As I was packing it up today, I had a flashback to the quilt that I made Miles 5 years ago.

The quilt was from Kathy Sandbach’s “Show Me How to Machine Quilt” book. It was called two way traffic and had cars, trucks, busses, etc. made out of bright, graphic fabrics. I remembered that I had a couple of blocks left.

I found them and turned them into a wall hanging for Jordan. I think it is pretty cute.

Here is a close-up. It has a button-hole stitch around all of the vehicles.

That is what I did today. What did you do?

9 Responses to “How Cute is This?”

  1. Judy says:

    Well hello!…….remember me???? Long time no speak/write.
    Jordan is a very handsome young lad. I did not know that you have a sister named Judy! I like the little wall hanging that you made for Jordan. I’m sure he’ll love it too….especially when he meets Miles and knows the “quilt connection”.
    What did I do today…or yesterday, or the day before??? Hmmmm……I’ve been in the lovely Northeastern US, absorbing as much info as possible from the wonderful Betsy Sterling Benjamin at Pro Chem! What a workshop!! I learned so much, but don’t even have the energy to blog…I’m just reading my favorites tonight, and then will try to get back onto a schedule tomorrow.


  2. PaMdora says:

    Hi Gerrie, You are looking good! After all these family weekends, I am seriously going to have to get on the elliptical machine tomorrow and stop eating out! I really like the buttonhole stitches, I’ll have to figure a way to use that in a quilt sometime. Oh, and congrats on your recent sales and commissions!

  3. sonji hunt says:

    He’s beautiful. And what a fun quilt!

  4. Terry Grant says:

    What an adorable baby! Is his hair a little reddish? Cute, cute. I love your little wallhanging. What did I do yesterday? Babysat all day, then collapsed with a takeout dinner from Baja Fresh in front of the TV and caought up with Top Chef and Survivor, both recorded, then fell asleep in front of What Not To Wear. I am pathetic! I plan to be very productive this weekend.

  5. Reva says:

    Trad or not, those are great fabric choices on Jordan’s quilt. Me, I finished piecing 15 ribbon pattern blocks for the pad I’m making for our kitchen table. I’d forgotten how deadly boring it is to sew triangles over and over again. I did get through about 4 hours of This American Life podcasts while I was working, so there’s that, at least.

  6. debbi says:

    Jordan is very cute! Jordan’s quilt and wallhanging is outstanding.

  7. Kristin L says:

    Jordan’s a lucky guy to have such a talented Grandma and Great Aunt. 🙂

  8. Deborah says:

    So fun! Let’s see… what did I do today? I took the dog for a long walk and made a big mess in the studio.

  9. dee says:

    Jordan is the sweetest! Love that outfit and the quilt under him looks lovely as well. Your new cruciform piece is wonderful and, speaking from experience, the recipient will just plotz with joy at recieving it…..sooo happy!! Mine brightens my day everytime I look at it. Congrats on the weight loss front. Whatever you have lost I managed to find….ugh! Back to Curves next week when the guys all go back to work and I have some peace. I feel like Jaba the Hutt