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Here I Am!

Oh, you probably didn’t even miss me. I have been futzing around. I made this Weight Watcher’s zero points vegetable soup. I was down .8 pound today. On Sunday, I ran into Chico’s and grabbed an outfit a size smaller than I normally wear, and it fit!!!

I finished the curtains for our bedroom redo:

This was complicated by the fact that Penney’s did not have enough of the hooks at the store whee we bought the rod. So, on Sunday we drove across the river to another Penney’s, and they didn’t have them either. Every other color except Sienna Bronze. Then we went online to order them, only to find that they were back-ordered until the middle of November. I then called the Vancouver, WA store where they had them and would put them on hold. So yesterday, we drove out across the Columbia River and picked them up.

Here is the rug which we found. It has natural dyes and is silk and wool, loomed in India. I love it.

Now, we are waiting for the new track lights to get here so that we have reading lights over the bed.

I have also been working on my last round robin piece which is a collaged page for a journal. Since, I am the last and there were two pages left, I am doing two pages – just because I can. I will post photos tomorrow. I am waiting for some glue to dry so that I can foil one of the pieces.

Today, I took my camera out to photograph the glorious fall color. We have berries in just about every color you can think of. All photos are clickable to see a larger view.

The trees are wearing beautiful colors, too.

Someone was growing a great pumpkin.

And how often do you see toy horses hitched up on the street?

Actually, you can find them all around Portland. Go here to find out more about the horse project.

Today, I have been cooking and cleaning because the great ladies of STASH are coming.

6 Responses to “Here I Am!”

  1. Quilting Fitzy says:

    Happy Happy Birthday!!

    Many hugs!

  2. Jeannie says:

    Like Judy, I was beginning to worry. I love the new rug and drapes. Your color scheme is beautiful and relaxing. Soup sounds so good, off to the farmer’s market for veggies and some cooking. Cheers.

  3. Jen Anderson says:

    Soup looks delish, I make it now and then. Congrats on the smaller size, that has to feel good. My pants are loose but I haven’t shopped yet. The weight loss seems agonizingly slow, maybe I will whip up a batch of soup and make a renewed effort.
    How I envy you your fall! The change is pretty subtle here, no gorgeous displays of tree color unless you count the liquid ambers. The two in my yard are still very green.
    Lovely decor, very up to date and nice serene colors. Jen

  4. Judy says:

    What fun and beautiful pictures today! I was beginning to worry and had thought seriously about calling you if you didn’t post today. Your draperies came out beautifully……and you made that zero point soup look very appetizing. Of course I love the foliage and berry pics….if my family wasn’t so firmly ensconsed here in the southeast, I’d be moving to the Pacific Northwest in a heartbeat! Oh well………..!


  5. Francoise says:

    Mmm, this zero point soup looks very yummy.
    And yes, we did miss you!

  6. Sharon says:


    Love the pictures!

    You’re inspiring me with your weight loss. I used to make the WW soup and you’ve reminded me that it’s amazingly good for a zero point meal!

    Thanks for sharing your creative life.