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An Unexpected Delay

We did this. Walked with 100,000 others in the Woman’s March in Portland. I got soaked and chilled to the bone. Now, I am down with the flu or a sinus infection. More photos from our day. The whole Portland family.

This was my view most of the march!!

Despite getting sick, I am so happy that I did this. It was an exhilarating experience. The new administration is scary, but we have the majority and eventually, we will prevail.

I went to the studio to work on an idea I had for a poster quilt for a SAQA show, using the word hope.

Now, I don’t know if I will be able to finish it in time.

The day after the march, I had an SDA meeting at Oregon College of Art and Craft. And, I entertained the whole family for taco supper and birthday cake to celebrate Mr C’s and Lisa’s January birthdays.

I got a bit behind in my silk stitch along. I haven’t even felt like doing hand stitching. Today, I added bullion know flowers in the grass.


3 Responses to “An Unexpected Delay”

  1. Sherrie S. says:

    Good for you for marching in the rain! I had planned to march in Pt. Townsend, but I was already down and out with a nasty cold. I’m so glad there was such an incredible turnout everywhere.

  2. Jeannie says:

    I hope the bug flies off and leaves you alone soon. I’ve been down the chronic sinus infection road and it is awful. I like the idea for your new piece. We all need hope right now. Sending hugs and wishes for a healthier weekend. (Wasn’t it fantastic to participate in the march. I hope the momentum continues.)

  3. Mary Helen in OR says:

    So glad you felt like marching and that you have a tall Mr C to be able to see more that the back in front of you. I am about 4’11” so I can certainly relate. Crowds are always sorta claustrophobic making. I had a small problem with a big quilt I’m making took me 5 hours to pick out the blocks that need to be repositioned. Borders were all on so now have to try to get all the bias pieces back together, piece in an extension on the borders and try to get it back together without stretching. King size quilt made entirely with 2.5in diamonds that have to have all the corners exactly matched. Oh well, good winter project. Hope my eldest likes it when it is done.
    Get well. Take care. The flu is nothing to fool with.