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Italian Food and Stylin’ Faucets

I spent the morning cooking Italian soups. I have been finding some fabulous sounding recipes from WW that require a slow cooker. I haven’t had a slow cooker since the Age of Aquarius so yesterday, I bought one and it was on sale — that is always a good thing. the one I used to have was sort of beige and brown as I recall. I like the look of this pot – fits my kitchen. It contains an Italian beef and lentil soup. I like to have soup in the freezer or ready to go on Mondays as we have a class at 6:30.


I also made a double batch of Italian Zero points soup. A cup of this will stave off hunger or it makes a nice lunch by adding some meat or beans. The house still smells like Italian seasonings.


This afternoon we went to a nearby plumbing store to look for fixtures for the bathroom renovation. This set is by Hansgrohe, a German company. They are right next door to the Duravit company which manufactures the sinks we are getting.



The second set is made by Danze, an American company. I really love the square shower head.

d500544bnt_md.jpg d223144_md.jpg

We are getting rid of the tub in the bathroom and having a larger, walk-in shower. There are a lot of options for showers — jets that spurt from the sides of the shower, called body sprays, huge rain shower heads. the plumbing can get very complicated and expensive. We are going to try to keep it simple and elegant.

Tomorrow morning we interview the last contractor. In the afternoon, we are meeting with a designer at the tile store. I hope I can fit in some time in the studio.

3 Responses to “Italian Food and Stylin’ Faucets”

  1. Judy says:

    I have soup on my mind this week, now that I have a kitchen to cook it in. Our weather forecast is pretty dismal, so soup would be nice! We need the rain, so I’m not complaining.

    We chose Hansgrohe fixtures for our bathroom when we renovated, and have liked them so much that we opted for their faucets in our new kitchen. Like you, we removed the tub from our bathroom and have a nice, roomy walk-in shower (with glass blocks on one wall). One suggestion (but I hope you’ll never need to use it): we made the entrance to the shower large enough to accomodate a wheelchair (we did the same with the doorway into the bathroom). About a month after we completed our bathroom reno, my Mom fell and suffered a compression fracture at the base of her spine. She stayed with us the first week after the injury, and it was so nice to be able to wheel her into the bathroom and on into the shower! We also had a seat installed, and she was able to sit while I helped her shower. Like I said, I hope you/we never need that wheelchair access, but it sure is nice to have if/when you do!

    I look forward to hearing more about your plans.


  2. karoda says:

    hey lady, soup sounds good! and those glass tiles are beautiful…love the geometric shapes!

  3. dee says:

    yum-to everything. One of the few things I miss about winter is soup. I make it all winter but we live by the grill all spring/summer. Nice fixtures. There’s so much to choose from now. It’s fun looking but hard to make a decision. Really like that square shower head. It’s elegant.