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A Northwest Kinda Sunday

We set off this morning headed for the observation point on the north side of Mount St. Helen’s. It was cloudy with sun breaks. The forecast was for the clouds to burn off by noon. At 11:30 am, this is what we were looking at:


It was drizzly and the outside temp from our car thermometer was 46?Ǭ?. So we turned around and headed back to the interpretive center – 30 miles back and at a lower elevation. We stopped on the way to get a view of this bridge.


This sign made us feel as if we had been someplace, at least!!


We found a nice picnic spot at Seaquest State Park.


After lunch we played and explored the area.

The swingers:


Some tree shots:



This sign was on one of the buildings. I thought about removing it and putting it in my studio.


These wonderful orange hightops were sighted on Mia. (I want some.)


We ended our time at the interpretive center. We watched a movie that chronicled the 1980 eruption of the volcano. I had forgotten how massive and destructive it had been.

Then it was back home and back to the sewing machine.

3 Responses to “A Northwest Kinda Sunday”

  1. Judy says:

    Love Mia’s hightops! I want some too! (Do you remember when only the basketball players wore them? I do!)
    I remember Mount St. Helens erupting on Mother’s Day in 1980. We had just moved into our first (of three) home in Gainesville and Kristin had turned a year old the month before. My father-in-law called to wish me a happy Mother’s Day (so unlike him!) and I was thrilled that he recognized me as being the mother of his 5th grandchild. Our white Gumpo Azaleas were blooming along the walkway and I had never seen an azalea before…so very deprived!

    Two or three years later we flew out to Portland to run in a 10K race. The next day we drove out to see Mt. St. Helens…probably the same route you took today. It was desolate and pretty spooky. Some foliage was just beginning to come back to life. As we got farther away from the site, we stopped to take a short hike and Kristin began to pick wildflowers. The next thing I knew she was concocting a wedding ceremony for her and her Dad…this was my first real life experience with the Oedipal Complex! WOW….what memories you have brought back!!

  2. Amy says:

    I love that sign. What if every place that wasn’t significant had a sign! I think posting a sign actually makes it pretty significant. Too funny. I’m trying not to be so jealous of your day though — ahh, Washington…

  3. DebR says:

    It sounds like a lovely day!

    I ADORE Mia’s shoes.

    That sign…what the heck does that even MEAN?? 😀