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Help! I am trapped behind my sewing machine, mindlessly satin stitching crosses. I think I have about 25 left to do. I am doing them by color, of course, so that I don’t have to change thread often. Here are a couple of pics. I want to finish tomorrow.



I just want to say that I love my Janome 6600!!

We have those temporary shades on many of our windows. The new window coverings were supposed to be installed this morning and I was looking forward to running from room to room, removing these ugly things. Then the guy called and said he can’t be here until Wednesday morning. So I have to wait to have my purge of tacky, temporary shades.

I am doing well over 12,000 steps most days. In fact. today I logged over 10,000 aerobic steps. I am feeling so strong and energetic. Thanks, Debra, for getting me started! 

9 Responses to “ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!”

  1. Jamie says:

    This is a beautiful quilt – I love the bright colors!!! Your quilt will be an inspiration of hope, peace and light to all who see it in the church.

  2. lizzieb says:

    Gerrie…this is absolutely glowing. Just think, each time you stitch a cross you are praying… just think of all those prayers going up with the piece! How lucky the new church will be!

  3. Diane says:

    It’s looking great, even if it’s not that exciting to sew. Maybe you need to turn on your computer and listen to some podcasts!

  4. Karoda says:

    in the second photo the lustre of the silk shows and it gave me a few of just how incredible it must be in person. you may be stuck behind your machine but what a great piece to be stuck with 🙂

  5. Jen Anderson says:

    You may not be very excited about all that satin stitching, but your quilt just glows. Hang in there, you will be finished before you know it. Jen

  6. Debra says:

    Looks wonderful. Such lucky church members to be able to see that each week!

    You’re welcome about the getting you started… but you are the one doing all the work. Congratulations.

  7. dee says:

    your quilt looks lush-like you want to dive into it the colors are sooooo dense and delicious(can you tell I have’nt had breakfast yet?) I think the recipients will find it most up-lifting.

  8. Diane D. says:

    That is a lot of crosses to satin stitch. I hope time flies – the quilt is looking great!

  9. It may be boring, but it looks great! I love the way the silk shines in the light. Very inspirational.