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The Indigo Blues


I have been selecting and fusing some of my indigo fabrics for an Aspen themed landscape. In addition to the indigo blues, I am using some of the colors of Aspen leaves. Here is the palette, so far. I love how those golds and oranges look with the indigo.


I have been struggling this week, but not because of the bad sinus headache, that is gone. On Monday, I had my physical with my doctor. I had all good reports — my blood pressure was 114/68. I was given 2 vaccinations — pneumonia booster and shingles. Well, I have had a very bad reaction to the shingles vaccination. Yesterday, I could barely do a thing. I had a temp of 101 and finally went to bed quite early. I managed to start fusing some fabrics, but really didn’t get much done. Today, I finally felt better, but still have a hot, painful rash on my arm where I got the shot. Argh!

Tomorrow, I am taking care of M and M for Steph as she is updating her shop with some adorable new animals on Friday. How cute are these? You can find them here, on Friday.


Tomorrow, it will be in the 90s, so I think some water play will be in order!

I tried to take some photos of Scooter with my iPhone at the end of our walk today. He has grown quite a bit. We love him so much. He is gentle and funny and a wonderful addition to our life.



One Response to “The Indigo Blues”

  1. Connie Rose says:

    Gerrie, hope you’re all well today! The indigo is wonderful. One of these years I’ll do a pot again! Enjoy the weather.