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The Hum of Machine Quilting


I added a couple of more rows of detail to the bottom of the landscape to make it less square. I made a trip to Fabric Depot to buy some variegated orange thread for the quilting. I had some thread that is perfect for the indigo areas. Here is a detail of the quilting.


Unfortunately, I ran out of it. I think I remember where I bought it — the Viking dealer in the local JoAnns. So I hope I can find more tomorrow. I enjoyed sitting at the Janome, listening to the hum and watching the thread patterns emerge on the fabric.

While I was at JoAnns, I picked up some fabrics with purple, pink and turquoise — the color palette for a quilt for my great niece who will turn 1 this month.


I am looking forward to making a pieced quilt for a change.

The quilts that were in Sacred Threads arrived home on Friday. Tomorrow, I will deliver them to the wonderful folks who purchased them at my solo show. It was so nice of them to loan them back to me. You can see several of the quilts that were in the show by clicking here.

4 Responses to “The Hum of Machine Quilting”

  1. francoise says:

    It’s beautiful. Do you still plan to add trees on it? It’s so nice as it is.
    I love the fabrics you bought for the baby quilt.

  2. Susan says:

    I’m so loving this group of posts! This quilt has really grabbed my attention (and I am so NOT a “blue” person)! It’s a stunner!!!!!

  3. The quilting on the indigo section is wonderful. That varigated thread almost makes it look like separate horizontal strips of fabric. And I love that lighter streak that looks like a reflection on water.

  4. Karoda says:

    Hi Gerrie, a sewing meditation session is always good for the soul!

    The link to Sacred Threads doesn’t work. Are they on your Flickr site?