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Catch-up Time


Here is Scooter at the top of our garden stairs which we have finally finished landscaping. Here are some other views:




My guys, Mark and Mr C, constructed the steps from blue stone slabs and pavers. When my friend Reva asked what held them together, Mark said, gravity and friction. I am still hoping for a hand rail as I am not getting any younger. Here is what the pavers look like:


My tomatoes are coming along nicely:



Remember the funny little bird? I found out that it is a baby green heron. They apparently nest in the maple trees on the edge of  Reed College across the street from the Rhodie Garden and the reservoir.


We are having a bit of a situation here. Mr C has what we hope is a minor medical situation. He had some tests last week and now we are spending the week-end wondering what the results will be. We had to cancel our trip to New York for the family reunions next week and so I will not be delivering the little girl quilt in person, but I am so happy that I have it almost finished.

I have had to do a lot of dog walking. This morning, Steph, Jack and M & M came over to spell me and took Scooter for a long walk around the Reed Canyon.

It is getting very hot so tonight, I picked up some take out and we ate on the deck. It was quite pleasant. I also grabbed a bouquet of Zinneas, one of my favorite flowers.


Today, I tidied up the studio from the little girl quilt escapade. I found something that I purchased on a whim and had forgotten about. It is an all in one tool that has several little tools. I think it will be great for taking with me to retreats, etc.


One end has a needle threader, tweezers, safety pin and magnafier.


The other end has several different little tools such as a seam ripper.


The center has a measuring tape. I think this is made by Fiskers.


Sorry for the blurry photos! OK, I think I am caught up with stuff. Hope you are having a nice week-end.

5 Responses to “Catch-up Time”

  1. Judy says:

    The waiting is the hardest part…….hope today flies by for you. I can see Mark designing a very cool and rugged hand rail to go along with your new steps. Your garden looks great!

  2. Kathy York says:

    The steps are beautiful! Hope everything with Mr. C. goes well. The waiting is really hard. Sending you and your family a cyber-hug.
    p.s. Wish I had tomatoes like yours. I think I planted too late, and then it got too hot, and now, nothing, just spindly vines. poohy!

  3. terry grant says:

    The steps look fabulous! But I also think you need a handrail.

  4. Jeannie says:

    Sending up healing thoughts for Mr. C and hope that all is well. Kristin is right, the waiting is torture. I love the blue stone paver steps. Wow, I bet there was a lot of Ben Gay used while they were installed! Get out the galvinized wash tub to soak your feet during the heat wave – I am! Cheers.

  5. Kristin L says:

    My fingers are crossed that all is OK with Mr. C. Waiting for test results is nerve wracking. On the other hand, I think your steps look great! And, I can’t wait to see the finished girl quilt — all your peeks have been so fun. 🙂