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Passion Sneak Peek


I finished my piece for the next 12 x 12 theme — Passion. Here is a sneak peek. I showed it to my daughter, Steph; after I told her the title, she totally got it. This made me feel a little more confident. It will be posted on the blog on August 1.


I have these shibori pieces on my design wall. I have an idea percolating about how to add more dye or some paint to these. They were created by using wooden blocks as a clamped resist.

I was really upset today when I found that my HP scanner does not work with the Leopard OS on my Mac so I ordered a new Canon today – only $79 and free shipping.

We got fairly good news today that Mr C’s problem is kidney stones and not a more dire prospect based on his symptoms. He still has a wait to get in to see the Urologist and have them disintegrated – at least we hope that is what they can do.

Look at this — a rare moment of peace in our household, today. I think it was too hot to do anything else but be tolerant. Scooter is going to lose his manhood on Wednesday; but we have no desire for him to sire more puppies.


It is so darned hot that they are canceling the local Farmer’s market on Wednesday. fortunately, I have my own farm that yields something new every day.

6 Responses to “Passion Sneak Peek”

  1. Pammyfay says:

    Aww… maybe the 2 males can comfort each other! (Just watch Scooter for any signs of depression afterwards–no, really!–and for some reason, a male dog in the extended family put on weight after his procedure, so keep an eye on that!) And cannot wait to see more of your Passion!

  2. Kristin L says:

    Ouch — kidney stones and a neutering. Both good in the grand scheme of things though.

  3. Reva says:

    You’re right about the heat promoting tolerance between the animals; everyone here is sacked out, too hot to run or to chase.

  4. I hope both Mr. C and Scooter get through their procedures with no problems.

  5. Connie Rose says:

    I saw an immediate connection between your Passion piece and the rug where Scooter and the other doggie are sitting!

  6. dee says:

    sorry to hear about Mr. C. BIL Bob has had the procedure done two times-both were succesful and no other issues. Hope it’s the same for him.
    Your steps look so lovely.
    Looking forward to seeing the “passion” finish.