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Art Every Day 29


I never really got around to do much today except to check up on the painting and glossing that I did yesterday. I am posting some sneak peeks of my pink challenge. Above is one. Here is another:


I painted some cotton for the backing. I added some mica chips just because.


The fabric was one of those white on white fabrics and the white pattern made a resist. It is kind of cool, but not what I am looking for.


Yesterday, Mr C and I ventured out to the mall late in the day to get some walking shoes (Scooter chewed one of my new ones – argh). We both got doorbuster bargains which were still available late on Saturday. Today, we attended Lessons and Carols at the Cathedral — an Anglican tradition that ushers in the Advent Season. It is a beautiful service of beautiful music and inspirational readings.

I have also spent a good part of the week-end doing SDA website maintenance. The weather has been glorious since Thanksgiving Day so we have enjoyed some beautiful walks with this guy.


One Response to “Art Every Day 29”

  1. Janice says:

    Scooter is looking very grown up, I can’t wait to see your pink project as a finished piece of art, though I also enjoy watching the steps as you complete it.