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Six Aspens

This is a short and sweet post tonight. I am planning on doing another aspen piece. I still have lots painted bark fabric and the painted silk background that was done with the other background. I am thinking about how I can push myself with the tree composition. So, today;s sketch is a possibility, I think.

Today, I went to the salon to get my hair cut and colored. I wanted to go lighter so Kevin said he would have to remove the old color. He used something that was not bleach or peroxide and was non-toxic. It smelled rather vile, but it did the job. I thought, why can’t they come up with something like this for discharging fabric. Maybe I should go¬† back and buy some from him and try it on fabric.

It was another perfect day. I took an hour walk with Scooter this morning. It feels so good to be out and about in the sun.

Here is Scooter looking for the squirrel that lives in out yard and taunts him.

Tomorrow, M & M are coming to spend the day and night with us. I think we might go to see Toy Story 3,

4 Responses to “Six Aspens”

  1. Reva says:

    Do we get a hair pic? Or you could just stop by and show me!

  2. squirrels have moved into our neighborhood. Sam cares but is too old to get excited. Beau, OTOH, completely loses all sense when he goes on squirrel alert.
    LOVE the aspen series.

  3. Diane D. says:

    I love that sketch. Everything about it sings!

  4. Diane Pinney says:

    Gerri, I really like this composition on this sketch. Push it further!